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Microsoft x Krafton: Everything to know about the deal that can lead to PUBG Mobile's comeback in India

Krafton's collaboration with Microsoft Azure seems to have sparked hopes for a PUBG Mobile comeback in India
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 10 Nov 2020, 11:18 IST

There is little to no argument about which game has dominated the Indian gaming industry, specifically mobile gaming. PUBG Mobile was a jolt to the system, taking over the conversation surrounding video games in India in a significant way.

For a long time, PUBG Mobile was synonymous with mobile multiplayer games, and it would cultivate a promising esports scene in India as well. The game went from strength to strength as the years passed until it hit a massive brick wall this year.

In September, in response to rising tensions with China and issues concerning privacy and security, PUBG Mobile, and 119 other apps with Chinese ties, were banned in India.

This move not only affected the core PUBG Mobile audience but also had major ramifications for Krafton, formerly Bluehole Inc. (the development team behind PUBG Mobile) and Tencent Games (publisher of PUBG Mobile in several countries).

Microsoft x Krafton: All known details about the deal that can lead to PUBG Mobile's comeback in India

Tencent, one of the biggest Chinese conglomerates, has also dabbled into game publishing with Tencent Games. It might just be the most prominent video game publisher in the world, given its stature and investments in other major publishers as well.

However, the publisher has run into trouble multiple times regarding issues to do with user data privacy and security. The ban of PUBG Mobile in India seems to have had a ripple effect within the game's development team and forced Krafton's hand into severing ties with Tencent Games in India.

Shortly after the ban, PUBG Corporation (a part of Krafton) came out with this statement:

"In light of recent developments, PUBG Corporation has made the decision to no longer authorize the PUBG Mobile franchise to Tencent Games in India."

In a recent turn of events, a PUBG Mobile comeback in India seems far more imminent than it did a few weeks ago. Microsoft Azure, an operating system that manages the computing and storage of resources on Microsoft's data centers, has emerged as a beacon of hope for Indian PUBG Mobile fans.

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What does the collaboration with Microsoft Azure mean for PUBG Mobile's comeback in India?

In simpler terms, Krafton's (PUBG Corporation) collaboration with Microsoft Azure to host its portfolio of multiplatform products translates to better security and the assurance of privacy of user data.

This move will help mitigate any risks pertaining to the country's privacy and security issues and help PUBG Mobile make a comeback. Microsoft Azure has had a stellar reputation as a cloud computing service with exceptional security measures and will surely help PUBG Mobile's case.

Since the focus for PUBG Corporation moving forward seems to be the security and privacy of user data, a collaboration with Microsoft Azure appears to be the best way forward for the fate of PUBG Mobile in India.

So far, there has been no official word from Krafton, but an announcement seems imminent, especially with the way things are developing.

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Published 10 Nov 2020, 11:18 IST
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