MiHoYo sends legal notice to takedown Honey Impact, the biggest Genshin Impact wiki database

Genshin Impact's most popular wiki is in danger. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Genshin Impact's most popular wiki is in danger. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tariq Hassan

Genshin Impact fans likely know of the Honey Impact database as a site full of useful information, including damage ratios, ascension materials, and more. The website's hosts recently received a warning from miHoYo's legal staff that seem to be intended towards taking the website down.

Honey Impact also hosted tons of information from future versions of the game that allowed fans to get a sneak peek at upcoming content. The website was heavily used by both theorycrafters and players alike, and it seems that it is now in jeopardy from miHoYo itself.

Popular Genshin Impact database Honey Impact at risk of takedown

The popular Genshin Impact database Honey Impact was taken down today in response to a push from miHoYo's legal staff to get the website DMCA'd. This form of legal action is used by large companies like Nintendo to remove things that they view as copyright infringement. The likely reason that miHoYo is attempting to take down Honey Impact is that the website is seen as a source for leaks and other information.

However, Honey Impact is far more than just a website that hosts leaks. The repository is an invaluable resource for all types of Genshin Impact players, from content creators to theorycrafters, to those just interested in dialog from a past event.

Honey Impact was also a huge source for lore and other story details, with voicelines for each character available to listen to. Honey Impact is one of the best sites for answering any questions about Genshin Impact, and the website being taken down would leave many fans without answers.

Many players also use Honey Impact as a roadmap for future Genshin Impact content, as the leaks help provide an idea of what content is coming next. The screenshots and videos that the site provides are invaluable sources of information for the community, and there isn't currently a site with as much information as Honey Impact.

How miHoYo has dealt with similar situations:

It appears that miHoYo has recently begun focusing on stamping out leaks in the Genshin Impact community as they are issuing legal action to many different individuals.

Mihoyo has already sued Bilibili this week, one of the biggest sources of Genshin Impact leaks in China. The Genshin Impact publisher has demanded the user identities of the top 11 leakers on Bilibili to uproot the major sources for leaks and datamines. The court hearings are scheduled to begin on September 17, 2021.

How the community is reacting to the situation:

Many players in the community have already stepped up in defense of Honey Impact and are rallying against miHoYo's attempts to take the site down. The site has garnered a loyal following, with a huge community on Discord and other platforms.

While some players are understanding of the desire to keep leaks to a minimum, many disagree with the idea that the entire website should be taken down.

Honey Impact has a long legacy of being a useful site for gamers, as it is a sister website to HoneyHunterWorld, a highly influential site in the Monster Hunter community. Honey has been providing great information databases for years, and many fans are outraged that the site is being taken down without warning.

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo has really been cracking down on leaks recently, and many leakers are stepping away from the game. It remains to be seen how miHoYo will respond to this fan backlash, but it is likely that fans will continue to defend Honey Impact until this problem is resolved. If the website is truly removed forever, many details about Genshin Impact will be lost.

Some fans have already begun archiving all of the files on the wiki, so there is still hope for now, but players will just have to wait and see how this situation resolves itself.

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