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Minecraft star "Dream" hangs up Mr Beast's phone call after hearing his "prank idea": Here's why

Image via MrBeast & Dream
Image via MrBeast & Dream
Modified 20 Feb 2021

Dream was mortified by MrBeast's idea and did not want to continue the conversation.

MrBeast wanted to tell Dream a crazy idea to see how he would react. The YouTuber set up a camera and had Karl Jacobs close by to monitor the conversation. MrBeast dialed and Dream answered fairly quickly with a friendly greeting.

MrBeast began the conversation by telling Dream the overall idea, which was to smear poop all over the desks at a school. Dream was immediately confused and surprised, and didn't sound very interested. MrBeast reassured him that there would be a plot twist, and urged Dream to hear him out. He then stated that they would need to save their poop for a week.

Dream immediately cut in with the sort of response that any normal person would have:

"What is wrong with you? I'm about to hang up!"

MrBeast tried to reassure Dream that it wasn't weird and that it would be funny. He finished by saying the plot twist was that when the teachers arrived, the group would stack the desks and "blockade the door." Dream had heard enough by that point and hung up immediately.

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Karl Jacobs, who was next to MrBeast, broke out laughing. Karl and MrBeast shared a laugh as the clip ends. Normally, Dream comments on MrBeast's videos, but he chose not to comment on this one.

MrBeast made a simple phone call, and now, his video is trending. This could possibly be the cheapest prank MrBeast has ever attempted.

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This clears up the rumors that Dream helps MrBeast

It is well known that the Minecraft streamer is a close friend of MrBeast. MrBeast is one of the few people whitelisted on the Dream SMP. The fact that MrBeast has Dream's number is more proof of their friendship.

When MrBeast left $100,000 for the DreamTeam to find, many fans thought that this was a thank you for jobs well done. This fueled rumors that Dream helped MrBeast with videos. Now fans know that MrBeast asks friends who do not regularly work for him for help every now and then.

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Published 20 Feb 2021, 20:56 IST
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