Mizkif stumbles and falls while trying to "overtake" Amouranth during a live stream

Rishabh B.
Amouranth and Mizkif were recently involved in a hilarious incident on a live stream.

During a recent live stream, Matthew “Mizkif” Renaudo pretended to stumble and fall while walking with Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa.

Amouranth was only recently banned from Twitch for a period of 3 days for posting sexually-suggestive “ASMR” related content. The streamer was previously one of the most prominent content creators on Twitch who had posted “hot-tub” streams.

Regardless, the recent controversy has done little to subvert Amouranth’s popularity on the platform. The streamer was recently seen walking around with Mizkif, who hilariously pretended to fall down while walking, whilst she was being interviewed.

Mizkif pretends to fall down in front of Amouranth while walking during a live stream

Amouranth was talking to an interviewer who appeared to be talking about the few games that she played on Twitch sometimes. This includes the likes of Mario Kart 8 and Fortnite. The streamer eventually asked the interviewer how much he had traveled in his life.

Mizkif attempted to overtake her, as the group passed a zebra crossing. The streamer was wearing dark black sunglasses, and appeared to walk quickly in front of Amouranth and fall down, who bent down herself to help Mizkif. Regardless, Amouranth eventually realized that Mizkif was only kidding and called out “sir” a couple of times.

Both Amouranth and the cameraman burst into laughter, as a passer-by asked Mizkif if he was alright. The streamer responded by suggesting that he was fine, while the interviewer/cameraman told the passer-by that “he has had a few drinks.”

Regardless, Mizkif appeared to only be kidding, and did not fall down while walking alongside Amouranth. Both streamers often feature on each other’s social media, and are known to be residents of Texas, US. The hilarious clip has since made its’ way to the “EZmoneyClips” YouTube channel, where it has been watched more than 83k times till date.

Regardless, as can be seen in the comments, most viewers appeared to make fun of Mizkif, and said that he always needs to be the “center of attention.”

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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