MLB The Show 23 RTTS - All new features that have been confirmed so far

MLB The Show 23 will feature RTTS as bigger than ever when the game releases (Image via PlayStation)
MLB The Show 23 will feature RTTS as bigger than ever when the game releases (Image via PlayStation)

The RTTS mode in MLB The Show 23 stands for "Road to the Show," essentially the game's career mode. It's an amazing single-player option for those who love to enjoy a slower-paced challenge and fulfill their dreams of becoming an MLB pro.

Introduced in 2021, developer San Diego Studios has continued to improve it in every way possible. The mode has been in the news recently with the reveal of the player ratings, as fans have been busy with all the chatter on social media. It's no wonder that the ratings revealed have created the hype, but there are some subtle improvements that the developers have also showcased.

These changes will make the RTTS mode more enjoyable once MLB The Show 23 releases. Some of them might be on the cosmetic side of things, but they're undoubtedly exciting thoughts on the part of the developers. The remaining ones will directly impact the gameplay, and it's worth paying keen attention to them.

MLB The Show 23 will feature RTTS as bigger than ever when the game releases

Many fans are excited to discover what San Diego Studios has in store for the RTTS mode. So far, the developers have conducted a Feature Premier, which revealed some major changes coming to the mode this year.


MLB The Show 23 will feature a face scan that will hugely increase the immersiveness of the game mode. Players can now replicate their real-life faces in the game and add them to their characters. Last year saw the inclusion of the Ball Hub feature, and the face scan addition is perfect.

It remains to be seen how well this feature will work and if the execution will be flawless. However, more changes are scheduled with the game's launch.

The ballplayer hub will be given more improvements, allowing MLB The Show 23 players greater customization. Last year included the ability to modify specific attributes under the Archetype feature. The focus of San Diego Studios seems to be more towards improving the overall immersiveness of the mode.


A new Draft cutscene, for example, will add more polish, which could make players feel more involved with their character in the RTTS mode. The on-field training will allow players to improve their in-game character attributes. Then there's the selfie scan mode, which has already been discussed. While these aren't game-changing additions, they will keep the players more invested.

MLB The Show 23 releases worldwide on March 28 and will be available on the current gen consoles Xbox and PlayStation. It will also be released as a Day One entry on the Xbox Game Pass, and there's a chance for players to enjoy four days of early access.

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