Monopoly Go Camelot's Tournament: Rewards, milestones, and more

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Camelot's tournament rewards and milestone in Monopoly Go (Image via Scopely)

Camelot's Tournament is already underway in Monopoly Go and is set to end on November 29, 2023, at 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET. It offers a whirlwind of challenges, rewards, and strategic gameplay. The event features an array of milestones intricately tied to specific point thresholds, offering players a diverse range of rewards.

This article covers everything players need to know about Camelot's Tournament.

Rewards and milestones in Monopoly Go's Camelot's Tournament

Here's a list of rewards and milestones in Monopoly Go's Camelot's Tournament:

MilestoneRequired Points Rewards
14535 Dice Rolls
240Green Sticker Pack
3805 PEGE token
41205-minute High Roller
5140100 Dice Rolls
6150Orange/Two-Star Sticker Pack
713010 PEGE token
816015-minute Mega Heist
9180150 Dice Rolls
1020015 PEGE token
11225Pink/Three Star Sticker Pack
12275175 Dice Rolls
1327520 PEGE token
14300Cash Rewards
15400275 Dice Rolls
16375Pink/Three Star Sticker Pack
1742550 PEGE token
18500Cash Rewards
19600400 Dice Rolls
2065025-minute Rent Frenzy
21550Blue/Four-Star Sticker Pack
2270080 PEGE token
23800Cash Rewards
241,000675 Dice Rolls
25900Purple/Five-Star Sticker Pack
261,300100 PEGE token
271,500Cash Rewards
281,60015-minute Cash Grab
291,600Cash Rewards
302,0001,300 Dice Rolls

The zenith of achievement at Milestone 30 unfolds a remarkable bounty of 1,300 Dice Rolls.

Camelot's Tournament leaderboard rewards

Camelot's Tournament also features a competitive leaderboard where top performers are entitled to exclusive rewards:

1) 1st: 1,500 Dice Rolls, Cash rewards, and a Galaxy Sticker Pack

2) 2nd: 750 Dice Rolls, Cash rewards, and a Galaxy Sticker Pack

3) 3rd: 600 Dice Rolls, Cash rewards, and a Golden Purple Sticker Pack

4) 4th: 500 Dice Rolls, Cash rewards, and a Golden Blue Sticker Pack

5) 5th: 400 Dice Rolls, Cash rewards, and a Golden Blue Sticker Pack

6) 6th: 350 Dice Rolls, Cash rewards, and a Golden Blue Sticker Pack

7) 7th: 300 Dice Rolls and Cash rewards

8) 8th: 250 Dice Rolls and Cash rewards

9) 9th to 10th: 200 Dice Rolls and Cash rewards

11) 11th to 15th: 50 Dice Rolls and Cash rewards

12) 16th to 50th: Cash rewards

Tips for Camelot's Tournament

To emerge victorious in Camelot's Tournament, players should consider implementing these tips:

1) Prioritize free dice links: Players should regularly check the official Monopoly Go Discord server to access free dice links, as they ensure a steady supply of rolls and enhance the chances of winning bonuses.

2) Land on exclusive tokens: Players should strategically plan moves to land on event-exclusive tokens. They could collect them on specific tiles to contribute to reaching the required point thresholds.

3) Utilize roll multipliers: Players should boost point accumulation by judiciously using roll multipliers. A 5x multiplier earns 10 points, while a 10x multiplier doubles it to 20.

Camelot's Tournament in Monopoly Go is a chance for players to elevate their virtual empires and secure exclusive rewards. Fans should attempt to seize all the last-minute spoils before the Bows and Bandits event concludes.

Players can draw insights from past tournaments to optimize their strategy in this high-stakes Monopoly Go event.

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