Monopoly Go Olympian Odyssey tournament: Rewards, milestones, and more

Olympian Odyssey tournament
Rewards and milestones in Monopoly Go Olympian Odyssey tournament. (Image via Scopely)

As the Thanksgiving Partner event inches towards its conclusion, Monopoly Go enthusiasts find themselves excited for the grand finale - the Olympian Odyssey tournament. This exhilarating event stands as the final opportunity for players to secure exclusive rewards before the Thanksgiving festivities end. This tournament, concluding on November 26, 2023, promises an amalgamation of challenges, rewards, and strategic gameplay.

In this article, we provide a list of rewards based on milestones and players' leaderboard ranking.

Monopoly GO Olympian Odyssey tournament milestones and rewards

Similar to its predecessor, the Olympian Odyssey tournament introduces a series of milestones, each linked to specific point thresholds and offering a variety of enticing rewards. A closer look reveals what players can anticipate:

Event MilestoneRequired PointsRewards
140120 Thanksgiving Partners token
25545 Dice Rolls
3805-minute High Roller
490140 Thanksgiving Partners token
512090 Dice Rolls
6150Green Sticker Pack
7140160 Thanksgiving Partners token
8200Cash Rewards
9250175 Dice Rolls
10230Orange/Two-Star Sticker Pack
11260Cash Rewards
12275180 Thanksgiving Partners token
13300Cash Rewards
14400275 Dice Rolls
15375Pink/three-star sticker pack
16425250 Thanksgiving Partners token
17500Cash Rewards
1860025-minute Rent Frenzy
19550375 Dice Rolls
20700Blue/Four-Star Sticker Pack
21800400 Thanksgiving Partners token
221,000Cash Rewards
23900625 Dice Rolls
241,300Cash Rewards
251,500Purple/Five-Star Sticker Pack
261,8001,100 Dice Rolls
272,00015-minute High Roller
282,200500 Thanksgiving Partners token
292,400Cash Rewards
302,5001,700 Dice Rolls

The rewards span from cash prizes and dice rolls to exclusive sticker packs and timed power-ups like Rent Frenzy and High Roller. The zenith of the event at milestone 30 offers players an impressive 1,700 Dice Rolls.

Monopoly Go Olympian Odyssey leaderboard rewards

In addition to individual milestones, this tournament features competitive leaderboard rewards for the top performers:

  • 1st Place: 1,500 Dice Rolls, Cash Rewards, Purple/Five-Star Sticker Pack
  • 2nd Place: 750 Dice Rolls, Cash Rewards, Purple/Five-Star Sticker Pack
  • 3rd Place: 600 Dice Rolls, Cash Rewards, Purple/Five-Star Sticker Pack
  • 4th Place: 500 Dice Rolls, Cash Rewards, Blue/ Four-star sticker pack
  • 5th Place: 400 Dice Rolls, Cash Rewards, Blue/ Four-star sticker pack
  • 6th Place: 350 Dice Rolls, Cash Rewards, Blue/ Four-star sticker pack
  • 7th Place: 300 Dice Rolls, Cash Rewards
  • 8th Place: 250 Dice Rolls, Cash Rewards
  • 9th Place: 200 Dice Rolls, Cash Rewards
  • 10th Place: 200 Dice Rolls, Cash Rewards
  • 11th Place: 50 Dice Rolls, Cash Rewards
  • 12th Place: 50 Dice Rolls, Cash Rewards
  • 13th Place: 50 Dice Rolls, Cash Rewards
  • 14th Place: 50 Dice Rolls, Cash Rewards
  • 15th Place: 50 Dice Rolls, Cash Rewards
  • 16th-50th Place: Cash Rewards

Strategies for success in the Olympian Odyssey tournament

To maximize their success in this Monopoly Go tournament, players should consider implementing the following strategies:

1) Prioritize free dice links

Regularly check the official Discord server of Monopoly Go for free dice links. Prioritizing these links ensures a steady supply of rolls, enhancing the chances of winning bonuses in the Olympian Odyssey tournament.

2) Land on exclusive tokens

Plan moves strategically to land on event-exclusive tokens. Collecting these tokens efficiently on specific tiles will contribute to reaching the required point thresholds.

3) Utilize roll multipliers

Boost point accumulation by strategically using roll multipliers. A 5x multiplier earns 10 points, while a 10x multiplier doubles it to 20. Use them judiciously, considering the deduction in dice rolls.


The Monopoly Go Olympian Odyssey tournament is a time-limited opportunity for players to elevate their virtual empires and secure exclusive rewards. As the clock ticks down, players must make every move count to ensure they grab the last-minute mitts before the Thanksgiving Partner event concludes.

Players can look at previous event rewards to better understand the reward system in Monopoly Go.

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