Monopoly Go Mogul of the Opera event: Milestones, rewards, and more

New event is here (Image via Scopely)
New event is here (Image via Scopely)

Monopoly Go Mogul of the Opera event is the last celebration in the ongoing Making Music season. The event features 43 milestone tiers, each attached with an in-game reward. You can acquire them by collecting the required amount of points by playing the Board Game and landing on Community Chest, Chance, and Railroad tiles.

This article further discusses what rewards are in store during the Monopoly Go Mogul of the Opera event.

All milestones and rewards in the Monopoly Go Mogul of the Opera event

Before heading into the new season, Scopely releases several tournaments, and banner events, such as the Mogul of the Opera event, and Peg-E's prize drop minigame.

Here are the rewards offered in the Monopoly Go Mogul of the Opera event:

MilestonesRequired PointsRewards
1 5Five Peg-E prize drop chips
21030 Dice Rolls
445Eight Peg-E prize drop chips
520One-Star Sticker Pack
62550 Dice Rolls
73512 Peg-E prize drop chips
8145220 Dice Rolls
93515 Peg-E prize drop chips
1040Two-Star Sticker Pack
114520 Peg-E prize drop chips
12350400 Dice Rolls
134525 minutes of Mega Heist
146035 Peg-E prize drop chips
15300Two-Star Sticker Pack
16500Popstar Ms. M token
177040 Peg-E prize drop chips
1885Three-Star Sticker Pack
1910045 Peg-E prize drop chips
201,1001,000 Dice Rolls
2113060 Peg-E prize drop chips
23150Three-Star Sticker Pack
24350500 Dice Rolls
2522075 Peg-E prize drop chips
26280Four-Star Sticker Pack
271,6001,500 Dice Rolls
28350120 Peg-E prize drop chips
29450Four-Star Sticker Pack
30650700 Dice Rolls
31750180 Peg-E prize drop chips
321,9001,800 Dice Rolls
331,300Five-Star Sticker Pack
34650160 Peg-E prize drop chips
362,7002,100 Dice Rolls
371,100Four-Star Sticker Pack
381,200250 Peg-E prize drop chips
403,5002,800 Dice Rolls
41 1,300 10 minutes of Cash Boost
42 1,750 Four-Star Sticker Pack
6,000 6,500 Dice Rolls
Five-Star Sticker Pack

The event starts with milestone one at five points and offers five Peg-E prize drop chips. Note that if you collect all the stickers belonging to an album, you will receive additional rewards.

The event offers various exciting rewards, such as Cash Boost, Mega Heist, and High Roller. Just like Mega Heist, Cash Boost also allows you to unlock time-limited access to exclusive events, wherein, you can easily gather a lucrative sum of in-game currency.

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Strategies to achieve maximum reward in the Monopoly Go Mogul of the Opera event

To make the most of the ongoing event, you should focus on landing on Community Chest, Chance, or Railroad tiles, as these tiles have the points required to obtain various rewards in the event. Additionally, since landing on Railroad tiles helps you advance in other active events, such as Bank Heist and Shutdown, focus on landing on it.

Besides all this, strategic use of Roll Multiplier when landing on your desired tiles, will increase the gathered points depending on the chosen multiplier factor. That said, remember that high Roll Multipliers require a large amount of Dice Rolls. Therefore, use them wisely while engaged in the board game, otherwise, you can run out of rolls.

If you wish to get free Dice Rolls, you can redeem them via voucher links released by the developer on their official website, Discord channel, and social media handles. Moreover, you can follow Sportskeeda's Monopoly Go section for fresh links.

Acquire these free rolls, and you won't have to worry about running out of them while using high Roll Multipliers in the board game.

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