5 most anticipated family-friendly video games releasing in 2022

Goblin Stone is a great upcoming family-friendly game (Image via Orc Chop Games)
Goblin Stone is a great upcoming family-friendly game (Image via Orc Chop Games)

In the past, family time would mean gathering in front of the television for dinner or a weekend outing. As our lives become more virtual, so has the way parents and children interact.

Games like Minecraft, Cuphead, and the Lego franchise have opened the doors to gaming for younger gamers. Visually captivating titles with great storylines and humorous dialogues that would not only test critical thinking but also broaden the imagination of kids now rule the roost.

With that in mind, below are five upcoming family-friendly video games set to be released later this year.

Highly-anticipated family friendly video games coming in 2022

5) Railbound


Developed by an indie team based out of Poland, Railbound is a puzzle game with a gorgeous art style. Developers Afterburn made Golf Peaks and Inbento, and their games share a similar minimalist aesthetic.

A finite number of tracks are given to players, and they must arrange them so that the bogeys of the train connect to the engine in the proper order. The challenges become harder as the game progresses, and users must bend tracks to develop elaborate designs and achieve their goals.

The title isn’t a sandbox but a well-detailed puzzle. There is also a demo available for them to try out.

Gamers are provided with exactly how many tracks are required for the right design throughout each scenario. A great way to exercise gray cells for youngsters and relax for older ones, Railbound is a great family-friendly game to look forward to.

4) Toy Tactics


The cost of high-quality miniature warriors prevents most children from having the opportunity to play with figurines. The beautifully crafted soldiers called Wobblers in Toy Tactics will scratch that childhood itch to no end.

Kraken Empire’s RTS masterpiece boasts a unique control system in addition to its physics-based gameplay. Players can draw formations and paths on the ground to command their troops. The title focuses on executing complex tactics while keeping the controls easy.

This sandbox-style game features three factions with unique abilities and powerful artifacts that enable users to summon spells and reinforcements. Without any blood and gore, Toy Tactics is a great family-friendly title releasing in 2022.

3) Tinykin


One of the best ways to switch things up in a familiar setting is to change the scale. Tinykin does precisely this by shrinking the protagonist to the size of a bug, such that traversing a simple living room turns into an adventure.

Gamers play as Milo, the space human who has crash-landed in an empty house overrun with ants, ladybugs, crickets, and every other insect imaginable. A 3d platformer with gorgeous graphics, the title is packed with content and encourages players to explore every nook and cranny.

Each level is a vast, multi-storied area where apart from the main objective, players can indulge in many side quests given by the NPCs standing around.

With witty dialogue and light-hearted humor, Tinkyin checks all the boxes for being a great family-friendly game.

2) Little Orpheus


It is a side-scrolling adventure title with amazing artistic expression. From stellar voice acting to eye-popping visuals to a fantastic background score, the game is as family-friendly as it gets.

The story follows Ivan Ivanovich, a cosmonaut sent to verify the presence of a prehistoric world deep below the Earth’s surface. His story is narrated in flashbacks as he’s interrogated by a general about an atomic bomb’s whereabouts, which the expedition was outfitted for powering communications.

The mystery is the real plot that keeps players interested. At the same time, Ivan’s humorous inconsistencies and bungling up of the narration are guaranteed to elicit laughter from the most straight-faced gamers.

1) Goblin Stone


Another title that tells the story from the perspective of creatures generally considered the bad guys, Goblin Stone is set in a world where over adventuring humans have nearly wiped out all goblins.

Users must now protect the remaining goblins and help them reclaim their lair while leading raiding parties to keep the surrounding areas safe.

Based out of the Philippines, indie studios Orc Chop Games have done a stellar job presenting a visually stunning hand-drawn world and cute, lovable goblins. Though primarily a side-scrolling adventure with turn-based battles, the game is also a party-based RPG where players must outfit, breed, and retire goblins at their lair.

This family-friendly experience comes with complete voice-acted narration and unrivaled attention to detail in every aspect.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

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