5 best 3D platformers available on the Nintendo Switch

Hop and collect your way across these 3D platformers' wonderful levels (Image via Nintendo)
Hop and collect your way across these 3D platformers' wonderful levels (Image via Nintendo)

Nintendo is undoubtedly synonymous with platformer games. After all, who can forget the golden era of 3D platformers during the N64/GC era? Not just the iconic Mario-developer, but third-parties also played a role in bringing many franchises in the genre to life.

These days, things are different, with Nintendo being one of the few major developers actively pushing for those games. This explains the wide acceptance of 3D collect-a-thons on the hybrid console, especially from indies. So here are some of the finest specimens among the Nintendo Switch library.

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5) New Super Lucky's Tale


Developed and published by Playful Studios, New Super Lucky's Tale is an enhanced remake of the 2017 Xbox One platformer Super Lucky's Tale. It features the titular Lucky the fox, who travels between different worlds in the Book of Ages. With Jinx the sorcerer causing trouble, he must be put down once and for all.

Each world is presented as a hub with selectable levels. These levels are playgrounds to test Lucky's coin collection, platforming and digging abilities, with fun and engaging set-pieces and minor puzzles. The visual presentation is also fairly clean and polished.

The enhanced version features a reworked story, improved visuals, a player-controlled camera and tweaked levels. So, it is a shame this game does not get the attention it deserves.

4) A Hat In Time


First announced as a Kickstarter, Gears For Breakfast's charming 3D platformer is one of the most popular indie games in recent memory. Players control Hat Kid, an alien girl wearing a top hat trying to return home. But before he can do that, she must retrieve her Time Pieces that have been scattered throughout the world by Mafia goons.

Inspired by the likes of Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie, Hat Kid will explore numerous themed levels for collectibles and resources like currency and Yarn Balls. The latter allows the creation of new Hats while the former is used to purchase new abilities.

As the title suggests, the Hats are key here - they allow the player different power-ups each suited to a different scenario. The endless possibilities make this a solid recommendation for fans of the genre.

3) Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy


While Crash 4 is the latest entry in the series, N Sane Trilogy is certainly the point for everyone to start with. It houses remakes of the first three PS1 entries in the iconic Crash Bandicoot platformer series from Activision. Developed by Vicarious Visions, the N Sane Trilogy is a faithful recreation of the Naughty Dog-developed originals that brings the same difficulty and nostalgia to modern platforms.

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The three games included are: Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot: Warped. The premise of each game is similar, seeing the titular marsupial stop Doctor Neo Cortex's world domination plans.

Players will run and jump through the games' Unreal Engine 4 recreations, collecting fruit and jumping on enemies. The remake modernizes the game by adding features like a checkpoint system, pause and save menus.

By no means is this is an easy game, because the games demand pixel-perfect movements in some of the more unforgiving stages.

2) Kirby & The Forgotten Land


The first true 3D entry in the adorable Kirby series arrived earlier this year on Nintendo Switch. Everyone's favorite pink puffball has been transported to the New World, finding himself amidst the remnants of a lost civilization. With friendly Waddle Dees captured by new enemies called Beast Pack, he must set off and rescue them.

The levels play out similar to the 2D entries but with a 3D layout. Kirby retains his signature movement, Copy and Flight. Additionally, there is an upgrade system where Copy abilities can be evolved to make them more effective, as well as a Mouthful mode.

The latter sees Kirby partly swallow certain objects to manipulate them in the environment, like a staircase or a rusty old car.

1) Super Mario Odyssey


What else could be at the top? The ever-popular Mario's latest adventure takes him on a globe trotting journey throughout various kingdoms to save Princess Peach. Super Mario Odyssey is the most refined 3D Mario platformer to date with a robust moveset. The inclusion of Cappy the cat further supplements the platforming and the new Capture mechanic adds innovation to the formula.

Here, Mario can possess enemies and control them and their abilities as required. For example, capturing a Cheep-Cheep can allow him to breathe underwater indefinitely as a fish. Given the amount of moons that are hidden throughout each wonderfully crafted level that begs to be explored, the Capture mechanic is invaluable.

Thank you to everyone for taking this amazing journey with us and making #SuperMarioOdyssey the fastest selling game in Super Mario history!

It is this flair for change and evolution that makes Super Mario Odyssey the best platformer in the system.

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