Why Sniper Elite 5 is likely to get a Nintendo Switch port in the future

The upcoming open-world shooter is not yet confirmed for Switch but that may change in the future (Images via Rebellion/Nintendo)
The upcoming open-world shooter is not yet confirmed for Switch but that may change in the future (Images via Rebellion/Nintendo)

With many upcoming big-name games scheduled for release on Nintendo's latest handheld console, the Switch's popularity is all set to balloon further. Therefore, releases of popular games on the platform should surprise no one - Hogwarts Legacy is yet another game to subvert people's expectations about the small Nintendo portable.

Many developers have been working hard to make these experiences feasible on the Tegra X1 device. UK-based Rebellion Developments is one such proud member of that crowd. The studio is set to release its latest Sniper Elite 5 next month. Unfortunately, it is skipping Bog N's portable for now.

Could a Sniper Elite 5 port come to Nintendo Switch post-launch like Zombie Army 4?

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It is admittedly surprising. The team has released most of its modern titles on the Switch. From Sniper Elite 1 to 4, Zombie Army Trilogy to Dead War, and even the underrated Strange Brigade. Perhaps the studio didn't have it in the pipeline?

Technical infeasibility has always been a legitimate concern, as Cloud Ports of games like Control and Hitman 3 have showcased. But this isn't the same thing. Rebellion games use the in-house Asura engine, which presumably has been retained for Sniper Elite 5 as well.

Both Sniper Elite 4 and Zombie Army 4: Dead War ports were reasonably impressive on the handheld. Given that these are the most technically advanced games from the developers, a Sniper Elite 5 port seems highly likely, too, since it's not too far off from them in terms of complexity. But since Rebellion has said that "there are no plans for it at the moment," Switch fans will have to wait and see.

What is Sniper Elite 5 about?

Operation Kraken must be destroyed.Pre-Order Sniper Elite 5 now for the bonus Target Führer campaign mission and P.1938 Suppressed Pistol.Coming to Game Pass, Xbox One, Series X|S, PC and PlayStation 4 & 5 on May 26th 2022 |

Karl Fairburne returns to test his marksmanship skills, this time in 1944 France. The secret Nazi project Project Kraken rears its head, and the sniper must stomp it down before things can take a bad turn. Sniper Elite 5 also aims to be the most realistic and immersive entry in the franchise yet. The studio has taken a lot of care to use photogrammetry-based models for many historical items like authentic World War II vehicles and weapons.

As with other games in the series, players will explore and stealth around open-world environments to complete objectives. Armed with a sniper, the game's vertical level design will supplement the player's long-range kills with the signature X-Ray kill cams. These environments are packed with patrolling enemies. Players must play the waiting game and strategically pick out enemies one by one, as it will be tough for one man to deal with a battalion of soldiers at once.

In short, regardless of whether or not Sniper Elite 5 makes its Nintendo debut, Switch fans should certainly check out Rebellion's other works on the platform.

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