When is Sniper Elite 5 releasing on Game Pass?

Sniper Elite 5 is coming soon, and will be a day one launch for Game Pass users (Image via Rebellion)
Sniper Elite 5 is coming soon, and will be a day one launch for Game Pass users (Image via Rebellion)

Sniper Elite 5 finally received a release date, after being announced back in 2019. The first mainline game in the franchise in five years will finally go live, but when will it be on the Game Pass system?

Xbox Game Pass users won’t have to wait at all since it will be another day one Game Pass title. That’s great news for Xbox users, but when will the game release?

📣 Sniper Elite 5 coming May 26th🎯…

Sniper Elite 5 launches on Game Pass on launch day

According to Rebellion, Sniper Elite 5 will drop on May 26, 2022 for the Xbox One, Series X|S, PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The Sniper Elite Twitter account also confirmed that it will be on Game Pass the same day.

That means fans of the Sniper Elite franchise only have a few months to wait before getting their hands on Sniper Elite 5. Being able to play new games on launch is a huge draw for the Game Pass system. Many games will be available upon launch, and Sniper Elite 5 will be one of them.

While not much has been revealed about the game itself, Rebellion does promise advanced gunplay physics, a deep customization system, an enhanced kill cam, and a wide variety of multiplayer options.


One feature that may seem familiar to Dark Souls fans is “Invasion”. The Invasion option lets players enter another player’s game secretly and start hunting them down. It would absolutely create intense PVP moments and could be an incredible thing to stream on Twitch.

A deluxe edition of the game has also been announced, which includes the Season Pass for the game.

What is included in the Season pass:

  • Two campaign missions
  • Two weapon skin packs
  • Two character packs
  • Six weapon packs

Karl Fairburne will continue the fight against the Third Reich in World War II in the game. This time, Karl is seeking to stop Project Kraken, which would potentially turn the tide of World War II.


The game will launch on May 26, 2022, and will be available at launch for Game Pass users. It’s almost time for fans to dive back into World War II for intense, slow-motion sniping action.

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