Nintendo announces Super Mario movie with Chris Pratt, Seth Rogen, and more

Chris Pratt has been cast as the most iconic gaming character in history. Image via Nintendo
Chris Pratt has been cast as the most iconic gaming character in history. Image via Nintendo

Nintendo Directs are usually filled with gaming content. Nintendo is one of the largest gaming companies in the entire world and they rarely divert their attention to anything else. However, in what was a big surprise for their fans, Shigeru Miyamoto stepped in to discuss a different endeavor that the gaming titan was working on.

There was very little known about the potential upcoming Super Mario movie, other than a poster and a vague "2022" release date. The cast has now been announced and a more official date has been set. The film will be produced by Illumination and has an absolutely star-studded cast and a "Holiday 2022" release date.

Nintendo announces Super Mario Bros. movie with huge cast

The announcement came as a surprise for Nintendo fans watching the livestream, but what was even more surprising was how huge the cast was. Even minor characters will be voiced by big names, proving that Nintendo is going all in on their first movie. Here's more about who got the nod to join the film:

Chris Pratt- Mario

Chris Pratt is as big of a name as anybody but the decision to cast him as Mario has already proven controversial. Some have also pointed out that his voice is too deep to play Mario. However, after his stellar performances in The Lego Movie and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, fans can probably rest assured that he'll deliver a solid performance.

I’m sorry guys, but I can visualize Chris Pratt as Mario basically being Emmet, saying a lot of his lines and having a very optimistic attitude and personality. I thought about it for too long.

Charlie Day- Luigi

Nintendo seems to be going high on humor with this cast, and having Charlie Day voice Luigi is proof of that. Day is known for comedic roles and usually plays characters with intense energy, so Luigi could provide a ton of comedic relief.

Charlie Day as Luigi is so good

Anya Taylor-Joy - Princess Peach

The talented actress, fresh off winning awards for The Queen's Gambit, has been cast as the one and only Princess Peach. A talented actress playing the most iconic damsel in distress that popular media has ever seen will work out well.

Anya Taylor-Joy is Princess Peach. Image via Nintendo
Anya Taylor-Joy is Princess Peach. Image via Nintendo

Jack Black - Bowser

Jack Black isn't exactly menacing but he's proven time and again that he can slip into any role, and Bowser will be no different. Also, the 52-year-old is an ardent gamer himself, with his popular YouTube page JablinskiGames boasting 4.9 million subscribers. Many fans are excited largely due to Black's casting as Mario's bumbling nemesis.

Jack Black is playing one of the most famous villains ever. Image via Nintendo
Jack Black is playing one of the most famous villains ever. Image via Nintendo

Keegan-Michael Key - Toad

Princess Peach's loyal sidekick Toad will be played by Keegan-Michael Key, further showcasing Nintendo's intention to make audiences laugh with the upcoming 2022 release.

Toad from the Super Mario Movie (2022) has the same voice actor as Obama's Anger Managment Translator.#Mario#ObamaVoiced by Keegan-Michael Key

Seth Rogen - Donkey Kong

One of the highlights of the cast and the showcase is that Donkey Kong will feature in the movie movie and that Seth Rogen will be voicing him. While the character might not have a huge role in the Mario movie, he's sure to make audiences laugh when on screen.

Donkey Kong with Seth Rogen's laugh is already making the rounds 😂🎥 @Cybershell

Additionally, Fred Armisen, Kevin Michael Richardson, Sebastian Maniscalco, and famed Nintendo actor Charles Martinet will be lending their talents to the film.

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