Animal Crossing: New Horizons finally gets the big update players were waiting for

Animal Crossing is finally going to see Brewster return (Image via Nintendo)
Animal Crossing is finally going to see Brewster return (Image via Nintendo)

If there's one thing Animal Crossing fans were hoping for at this Nintendo Direct, it was some sort of announcement about the game.

Animal Crossing has been huge for Nintendo, but they have largely been ignoring it lately. After the E3 Nintendo Direct came and went without even a mention of the game, players began to despair. Now, with hopes dwindling, it seems that the bright future they were promised has arrived.

Animal Crossing fans didn't have to wait very long for their game to make it into the Direct, a stark difference from what went down the last time. Finally, Nintendo is showing the game the respect it deserves, and a substantial update has been announced.

Nintendo announces Animal Crossing update

While hopes were probably held back after the E3 debacle, players were still hopeful. However, those who were hoping for a detailed announcement are going to be very disappointed. The announcement came in the form of a 30 second (if that) teaser.

The teaser featured an Animal Crossing player entering the museum and reading a new sign for the Roost, showing that it was open 24/7, and that was it. The teaser was over as soon as it began. However, Animal Crossing fans will probably take it, as it promises something they've been waiting for.

[Announcement]Tune in for a livestreamed #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons Direct in October to learn more about the new content coming to your island in November. Look out for more details to come in the near future.

More details will come in October, but the teaser was more than enough to excite the players. Their patience seems to have finally paid off.

@animalcrossing Finally Isabelle thank you

While there aren't many details surrounding the update, players can get excited knowing that if the Roost is coming, then Brewster is too. Brewster and the Roost are nearly inseparable, so Nintendo will likely not add one without the other.

Additionally, data mines showed that the Roost was possibly coming, as was Brewster and Gyroids. The teaser may not have shown much, but fans can make the leap and figure out that Brewster, the Roost and Gyroids are all coming.

Gyroids are likely coming alongside the Roost in an update. Image via Nintendo
Gyroids are likely coming alongside the Roost in an update. Image via Nintendo

Animal Crossing players have earned this after such a long time without a substantial update, though they may have to wait a while as it's unclear when this update will arrive. There was an update announced for the end of this year, but that may or may not be the update announced here.

Animal Crossing players will have to wait until October for more official details, but one thing is already official: Nintendo cares about Animal Crossing once more. The game was a huge hit and a huge moneymaker for Nintendo, so the fact that they kept ignoring it was strange, but those days are long gone now. Brewster, the Roost, and Gyroids are finally returning.

Edited by R. Elahi
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