MrBeast and Ninja skins to officially arrive in Fall Guys

Image via Mediatonic
Image via Mediatonic

The MrBeast and Ninja Fall Guys skins have finally been officially confirmed, and they will be coming out very soon.

Ninja's skin is the first skin that will be entering the Fall Guys shop, and it will be available for purchase starting tomorrow.

The skin has the trademark blue hair associated with Ninja, along with the yellow headband. It's very reminiscent of the Ninja icon skin that was available for purchase in Fortnite.

Ninja and MrBeast paid for skins at the Fall Guys charity event  

It all started back in September when Fall Guys started a charity event with Special Effects, a UK-based charity that helps gamers with physical disabilities worldwide. Mediatonic, the developers behind Fall Guys, are also based in the UK.

The charity event was called Battle of Brands, and it was an auction that was centered around paying for branding. Winning bidders who offered the most would have their brands placed into Fall Guys as skins.

Each winning entry in the charity auction event was 250,000 USD, and there were four winners for a combined 1 million USD. The winners were Ninja, MrBeast, Aimlab, and G2 Esports.

Each of the four participants would be working with Mediatonic to create the best version of their in-game skins for Fall Guys. Aimlabs themselves offered up 2,500 USD to the person who could design them the best skin.

Fall Guys Season 3 and the Ninja skin

Fall Guys is receiving far more content than the Ninja skin and the upcoming MrBeast skin. While fans wait for those skins, there is the entirely new Season 3 that was recently launched for the game.

Season 2 of Fall Guys was based on a knights and castles theme that brought new content to the game. This season of Fall Guys brings much of the content that fans would expect, but with a new theme.

For Season 3, the theme is snow based, which is the perfect timing to fit as a Christmas event. It should also keep fans busy as winter comes around the corner.

Like other seasons, a new season means plenty of new stuff for players to try solo or with their usual squad.

Many are likely excited to get their hands on the new Season pass that offers cosmetics and new skins. Aside from cosmetics, Fall Guys also received new levels and obstacles to try and conquer.

Edited by Shaheen Banu
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