MrBeast, xQc, and others react as Ludwig announces the "biggest creator poker event"

MrBeast and others react to Ludwig's biggest poker creator event (Image via Twitter)
MrBeast and others react to Ludwig's biggest poker creator event (Image via Twitter)

Jimmy "MrBeast" will be part of fellow YouTuber and streamer Ludwig Ahgren's poker tournament.

MrBeast recently reacted to an announcement made via Twitter for the event that has invited many famous names from the streaming community. He dubbed the event the "biggest creator poker tournament" ever.

The event is set to take place today, May 1, at 7:30 PM PST/10:30 EST and will be streamed live on Ludwig's YouTube channel. Since the announcement, many streamers and fans have tweeted out their excitement about the poker event.

MrBeast claims he is going to win the "biggest creator poker event"

MrBeast has claimed that he will win the poker event that will be hosted by Ludwig today. He was oozing confidence as he tweeted out to his fellow competitors that he was going to take home the "free $" from the event.

Ahgren's announcement also showcased that the the winner of the tournament could take home $1,000,000 as prize money. The event itself features a star studded line-up with many prominent names from the streaming world taking part in it.

Players in the tournament include the likes of star and streamer Alexandra Botez, the event host's best friend Anthony "Slime," one of the biggest Twitch streamers Felix "xQc," legendary American professional poker player Phil Hellmuth, and professional poker player Thomas "Tom" Dwan Jr.

The poker tournament received quite the welcome from the Twitterverse. Jimmy kicked off by trash-talking his opponents in reply to the event's announcement. He called out Tom, saying that he'd beat the pro player easily.

However, his close friend Chandler Hallow wasn't having any of it as he called out the YouTuber by exposing how he beat the streamer the last time they played poker.

@MrBeast @LudwigAhgren @phil_hellmuth @TomDwan @slime_machine @xQc I thought your job was to give people free money though

The YouTube megastar also received an amusing pushback from fellow competitor Botez. She joked about how he is always on the side where he is the one giving large sums of money away for his extravagant videos.

His fans were quite taken with his new villain-esque approach going into the tournament. They jumped on board and enjoyed the trash-talk along with him.

@MrBeast @LudwigAhgren @alexandravbotez @phil_hellmuth @TomDwan @slime_machine @xQc I feel like beast is such a confident poker player and just throws chips in most rounds because he can afford to lose it. Would be a pain to play against haha.

Many others also expressed their excitement for the event as they tweeted in reply to the announcement from Ludwig.

@LudwigAhgren @alexandravbotez @MrBeast @phil_hellmuth @TomDwan @slime_machine @xQc Bro isn't this a cash game ๐Ÿ˜† i see why you're invited...
@LudwigAhgren @alexandravbotez @MrBeast @phil_hellmuth @TomDwan @slime_machine @xQc Oh god this will be Mald territory. Cant wait to see it.
@LudwigAhgren @alexandravbotez @MrBeast @phil_hellmuth @TomDwan @slime_machine @xQc Should be a crazy game of poker "The content creator is out his depth, what's he's created is a sticky spot here and looks discontented with that how this hand has played"

Some showed their support for their favorite players in the tournament.

Many fans couldn't get over the fact that Ludwig got the date wrong in his announcement poster. The YouTube streamer apologized for the mistake and clarified that the event will indeed be on May 1st.


It's safe to say that this is going to be an exciting event. It will be interesting to see how some of the biggest streamers fare against professional poker stars in such a massive event.

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