MTG Modern Horizons 3 gets powerful Eldrazi cards leaked: Echoes of Eternity, Ulalek, Nulldrifter, and more

MTG Modern Horizons leak
The MTG Modern Horizons 3 leak teases some incredible new Eldrazi cards (Image via Wizards of the Coast)

MTG’s Modern Horizons 3 will already feature a wealth of amazing cards, but a trio of leaks discloses more of what could be in store. Leaked to Reddit via “Johnny__Christ” and “Yawgmothlives,” Echoes of Eternity, Ulalek, and Nulldrifter could appear in the booster packs, or perhaps even the Eldrazi Incursion decklist. It’s currently unknown if these cards are legitimate, so it’s worth taking this with a grain of salt. However, they do look justifiable and would undoubtedly fit the Eldrazi gameplay style.

This particular series of expansions to Magic: The Gathering is known for its Modern-focused, powerful cards. While we knew this set was coming last year, little is known about the set other than from leaks.

Note: This article is based on leaks and the author's opinion. Please wait for official confirmation and take the information herein with a grain of salt.

Three incredible cards leaked for MTG Modern Horizons 3 for Eldrazi fans

Eldrazi are among my favorite card types in MTG, so seeing leaks for them in Modern Horizons 3 is highly exciting. All three of these cards, if real, would be a great deal of fun to use. The first card was shared by Johnny__Christ on Reddit, and is a “Kindred Enchantment” for Eldrazi: Echoes of Eternity.

This particular enchantment costs 6 and doubles the effect of any triggered ability of a colorless spell/permanent, as well as doubles every colorless spell you cast. That’s going to generate an incredible amount of value in an Eldrazi ramp deck, given the high mana value of Eldrazi cards.

From Yawgmoth lives, a card that was originally leaked onto X, was Ulalek, Fused Atrocity. It can be cast with 5 colorless mana, or with 1 of each color, so it’s very interesting based on that alone. Even if you cast it using specific colors of mana, the card is colorless, thanks to the Devoid mechanic.

At first glance, Ulalek sounds completely ridiculous. It has you copy all spells you control, and then copy all other activated and triggered abilities you control if you pay 2 mana while casting an Eldrazi spell. However, that just means spells and abilities that are on the stack. It’s dangerously powerful, but you have to use it right. I’m a big fan of ridiculous Eldrazi abilities, so I hope this Modern Horizons 3 leak is real for MTG.

Finally, there’s an Eldrazi version of the classic Mulldrifter: The Nulldrifter. Another leak from Yawgmothlives, it’s simple but fascinating. Like the original Mulldrifter, you draw two cards when you cast it; it also has Evoke 2U. That means you can cast it for the Evoke cost, get the two cards, and it immediately gets sacrificed.

However, if you don’t do that, you get a creature with Annihilator 1, though it does cost 7 mana to put into play. That means, to me, this Modern Horizons 3 MTG leak will just get Evoked into play, and then perhaps reanimated, or simply cast from the graveyard instead. There are interesting lore implications here, too: did the Eldrazi overtake the Lorwyn realm? It sure seems that way.

Another interesting leak by SwagFondue is the Harbinger of the Seas, a three-cost Merfolk Wizard that has an effect that genuinely shocked me when I saw it. It reads “Nonbasic lands are Islands.” Now, every special land in play is now just a generic Island, so all of those precious tri-lands, and other fancy lands go to waste. It completely cuts off tactics like Dark Depths decks.

It’s very reminiscent of the classic Modern staple Blood Moon, which turns all non-basic lands into Mountains. It seems like everyone universally hates Blood Moon as a spell - except players who run it in their decks, perhaps. It completely stops so many plays dead in their tracks and lands that serve as “mana fixers” no longer do that. Unfortunately, this card, like the above, are unconfirmed leaks.

Though Wizards of the Coast revealed quite a few cards for the upcoming Modern Horizons 3 set, even more, MTG leaks came courtesy of folks on Reddit. Yawgmothlives posted some Commander-flavored spoilers that were allegedly sourced from Facebook. The Reddit post above has spoiled images of every card.

Bloodbraid Challenger is an interesting 5-drop creature with Cascade, Haste, and Escape, making it possible to get even more cards out of its Cascade ability, by playing it from the graveyard instead. The Pyrogoyf is one of the more mediocre goyf cards, with a power equal to the number of card types among cards in all graveyards, and a toughness of that +1. However, when it comes into play it deals its power in damage to any target, so there is a purpose. It would be interesting in a flicker deck.

Exterminator Magmarch is a really interesting way to get more value out of your single-target spells. If you cast a spell that targets one nonland permanent, if another opponent also has something you could target, you can choose one of those to target, too. However, this could make some serious enemies in Commander.

Jund players get some real love with this MTG leak for Modern Horizons 3, with Gluttonous Hellkite. It has an X in the casting cost and requires each player to sacrifice that many creatures. For each creature sacrificed this way, the Hellkite gains two +1/+1 counters. All it needs now is haste, and it’s an immediate game-ender.

Infested Thrinax is for players who play aggressively and want lots of tokens. Each time a nontoken creature of yours dies, create that many 1/1 green Saproling tokens - based on that creature’s power. Combine that with the Hellkite for hilarious results.

Aggressive Biomancy is a hilariously strong spell that, thankfully, is a Sorcery, not an Instant. You create X tokens that are copies of the target creature you control. Except these have “When this creature enters the battlefield, it fights up to one target creature you don’t control.” This is a great way to pick threats off the field without any effort.

Then you have a new red Instant, Tempt with Mayhem. When you cast it, choose an instant or sorcery. Each opponent can copy that spell and pick new targets. You copy that spell once plus an additional time for each opponent who copied it. You want chaos? This is how you get it.

True-Name Nemesis has a new face - or at least something that probably inspired it. Sawhorn Nemesis has you pick a player when it comes into play. As long as this monster stays in play, if a source dealt damage to the chosen player or a permanent they control, that’s now doubled. Finally, there’s Broodmate Tyrant.

A simple, powerful dragon, it creates a 5/5 red Dragon creature token with flying, when it’s cast. However, it has encore. You can play it from the graveyard by paying the Exile cost, exiling the creature, and making a number of copies with haste, for each opponent in play. You lose these at the end of the turn, but suddenly you could have 4-10 extra dragons for one combat step.

Fans will have to wait and see if these three MTG cards are real in the upcoming Modern Horizons 3 expansion. Plenty of other Magic: The Gathering cards are coming soon, including a Secret Lair drop starring Hatsune Miku.

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Edited by Angad Sharma
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