MTG Modern Horizons 3's Disruptor Flute is the best version of Pithing Needle yet

MTG Modern Horizons 3 Disruptor Flute
My favorite disruption card just got a whole lot better thanks to MTG Modern Horizons 3 - Disruptor Flute! (Image via Wizards of the Coast)

A recent MTG Modern Horizons 3 spoiler features Disruptor Flute, an artifact revealed exclusively by TCGPlayer. One of my favorite ways to play Magic: The Gathering is disruption - I need to be able to stop my opponent from doing anything fun or progressive. Pithing Needle is a classic card and is one used to stop your opponents from using very specific cards.

When it comes into play, you name a card - it doesn’t have to be in play. Then, activated abilities of sources with that chosen anime can’t be activated, unless they’re mana abilities. Disruptor Flute takes that concept to a whole new level in the latest MTG Modern Horizons 3 spoilers. I’m so excited to buy a playset of this card.

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MTG Modern Horizons 3’s Disruptor Flute is one incredible artifact

The Disruptor Flute can stop nearly any enemy plan. (Image via Wizards of the Coast)
The Disruptor Flute can stop nearly any enemy plan. (Image via Wizards of the Coast)

The MTG Modern Horizons 3 train continues to chug along with some truly amazing cards like Fanatic of Rhonas, and now there’s the mighty Disruptor Flute. Pithing Needle was already a solid card - having these kinds of “hate cards” is necessary in any format, but perhaps Eternal formats the most.

There are so many truly ridiculous cards that can win the game with very little effort. So, if you’ve figured out what card makes your opponent's deck go, you can just Pithing Needle it.

So, let’s discuss MTG Modern Horizons 3’s Disruptor Flute:

  • Mana Value: 2
  • Card Type: Artifact
  • Keyword: Flash
  • Abilities: As Disruptor Flute enters the battlefield, choose a card name. Spells with the chosen name cost 3 more to cast. Activated abilities of sources with the chosen name can’t be activated unless they’re mana abilities.

What an incredible card! It’s everything Pithing Needle wishes it could be. It does the exact same thing, but with two additional abilities, for a whopping extra one colorless mana. Now it has Flash, so it can be cast at Instant speed. Is your opponent casting Griselbrand, or perhaps one of the new, ridiculous planeswalkers?

In response, drop a Disruptor Flute, and watch as their castle comes crashing down around them. MTG Modern Horizons 3 has really given me some of my absolute favorite cards this year - I’m a sucker for a wildly powerful, ridiculous piece of tech, and this is up there for me.

You don’t have to Flash it in response to a spell being cast, either. You can also Flash it in on your opponent’s turn if you know they use a card that’s incredibly annoying, that can both be used in combat, as well as utilize a special power. Now, that card costs three more mana, forcing Commander/Modern players to burn through even more resources.

You can stop virtually any spell with this card, as long as it has an activated ability. Even if it doesn’t, you can just use this to make it cost way more. Then, flicker it back to your hand, and use it again on a different target. I’m such a huge fan of this card.

MTG Modern Horizons 3 releases on June 14, 2024, and there are so many great cards on the way. This set might have had some weak, weird cards there at the beginning, but there have also been some amazing spoilers, as well as Commander decks.

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