“My Queen”: Looking back at Pokimane’s throwback selfie from 2015 

Twitch star Pokimane's picture that broke the internet (Images via Sportskeeda)
Twitch star Pokimane's picture that broke the internet (Images via Sportskeeda)
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Pokimane, who recently won the Legacy Award at the Streamer Awards 2022, is one of the most influential streamers around, and she continues to up the ante for up-and-coming creators.

While the Twitch star continues to be in the limelight regardless of the ongoing trend, back in 2020, Pokimane left the internet awestruck with a picture of herself dating back to 2015.

Here's a quick overview of how the 25-year-old streamer took over the internet with just a picture of her teenage days, along with her fans' reactions to it.

A look back at Pokimane's "baby Poki" picture that left fans in awe

The OfflineTV star is one of the most talked-about internet celebrities for various reasons; her wide range of talents, her many projects, as well as numerous controversies.

It is nearly impossible to deny that her tweets often set social media on fire, leading to both fans and doubters taking to various platforms to sing her praises or express their disapproval, as the case may be. And September 2020 was no different.

The Moroccan-Canadian streamer tweeted a picture of herself from seven years ago, i.e., 2015.

It is safe to say that Pokemane's fans, like the rest of the internet, were more than surprised. Many individuals took to Twitter to express their love and appreciation for her.

Interestingly, one fan had praise of the highest order for her.

A few other streamers such as 100 Thieves' JHB even jumped on the baby picture bandwagon and shared a picture of himself from 2015 as well.

The majority of the replies to Poki's tweet were similar to the usual reactions garnered by her pictures, with users referring to the streamer as their "Queen" and themselves as her "simps."

@pokimanelol Call me old fashioned, but i was raised to serve my queen. Clean for her, cook for her and do the laundy. And if she cheats? That is on me! She caught me slipping and i will apologise and do better.

Other replies were simply out of adoration for the streamer.

@pokimanelol hello miss pokermans from 2015

The Twitch star continues to be the talk of the town with her pictures to this day. She recently shared one of her infamous pictures on her Twitter handle and commented that her face "makes more money than you’ll ever see in your life!"

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