My skill was higher: SypherPK on why he has surpassed Ninja in Fortnite "mechanically"

Rishabh B.

Ninja’s move to YouTube was announced only two days ago. Fortnite’s biggest icon has experienced quite a few problems with the game over the last 12 months, and there were rumors that he was on the verge of quitting, once and for all. However, when he did return, he was well-received by Fortnite fans across the world.

His first stream of games on YouTube received almost three and a half million views. However, a day before Ninja’s stream, a podcast was posted by 100 Thieves on YouTube, where Courage asked SypherPK who was the better Fortnite player in their prime between Ninja and himself. His answer was interesting, and certainly raised some eyebrows.


SypherPK: I was a better Fortnite player than Ninja

SypherPK had a rather interesting answer to the question. He began by explaining that during Ninja’s prime back in 2018, he reached a very high level when compared with other Fortnite gamers at that time. However, he went on to say that he himself reached a higher skill caliber than Ninja overall, when one considers building, editing, aiming and other competitive and creative aspects of the game.

He explained that like Ninja, while he didn’t put in a lot of time on the creative and mechanical sides of the game, he still practiced more than Ninja. Hence, SypherPK believes that mechanically speaking, at his prime, he was an overall better player than Ninja. Further, he went on to say that while at Ninja’s was comprehensively the best player in the world during his prime, there are quite a few Fortnite players better than SypherPK in the current scenario.

The talk starts at around the 50-minute mark in the following video, originally posted on YouTube by 100 Thieves:


The aftermath

While everything was light-hearted and said in good humor, things did not end here. During Ninja’s first stream, he appeared to make fun of SypherPK for creating click bait videos that were only meant to attract viewers and attention. Ninja was playing with TimTheTatman, CouRage and DrLupo, and the three went on to suggest that SypherPK would already be working on his next click bait title, considering the high number of views Ninja’s first stream was getting.


They went on to suggest titles such as “‘Everything Epic didn’t tell you about Ninja streaming on YouTube” and “Ninja signs 20-year YouTube contract”.

Again, while everything was said and done in good humor, SypherPK posted a video yesterday, in which he reacted to the roast by saying the following:

“I get a little success and my friends turn on me. For the record Ninja, I put my own name as clickbait and I use my own face in my stream.”

You can watch the entire video by SypherPK below:


It must be remembered that the two are friends, and often play Fortnite together. However, it is always nice to look at players engaging in some salty banter, and the way Ninja made fun of SypherPK was actually hilarious.

You can watch them play together here:


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