Nadeshot reveals he had opportunity to sign xQc to 100 Thieves back in 2017

Nadeshot recently revealed that he had an opportunity to sign xQc for 100 Thieves in 2017 (Image via xQc, Nadeeshot)
Nadeshot recently revealed that he had an opportunity to sign xQc for 100 Thieves in 2017 (Image via xQc, Nadeeshot)
Rishabh B.

During a recent episode of the “Courage and Nadeshot” show, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag revealed that he had the opportunity to sign Felix “xQc’ Lengyel to 100 Thieves in 2017.

xQc has in recent years become one of the most popular Twitch streamers around. According to the recent Twitch leak, the streamer has been the second-highest earner on the platform since September 2019.

Additionally, xQc earned around $750,000 in September 2021 and currently has approximately 9.5 million followers with more than 70k subscribers on Twitch. Nadeshot revealed that he had no idea who xQc was back in 2017 and ended up missing the opportunity to sign the former Overwatch professional in 2017.

Nadeshot reveals he missed chance to sign xQc to 100 Thieves in 2017

Nadeshot revealed that xQc had sent him a message expressing interest in joining the 100 Thieves content creation group. 100 Thieves was started by Nadeshot, who was previously a COD gamer for OpTic Gaming. The creator claimed that he had little idea who xQc was back in 2017:

“xQc sent me a message back in 2017 with interest of joining 100 Thieves. I dodnt know anything about xQc. I am not even big-timing you. I didn’t not reply to him on purpose. I was so overwhelmed at the beginning of the company and I had no idea what the f**k I was doing.”
Nadeshot had the opportunity to sign xQc to 100 Thieves... back in 2017

Considering xQc has gained a large part of his overall popularity in the past two years, the fact that Nadeshot did not know he was is not very strange. xQc had less than 50k followers on Twitch until March 2017 and did not start streaming on Twitch full-time until October 2019.


After having multiple issues concerning his Overwatch eSports career, including numerous suspensions, xQc switched to Twitch streaming permanently. Since then, he has created a considerable reputation for himself as one of the boldest and most hilarious of online content creators. While Nadeshot had no idea who xQc was, he might have regretted his decision not to respond to the streamer multiple times.

xQc was recently part of the Twitch Shitcamp 2021 event and announced during a live stream that he is currently working on his TV show. Hence, while 100 Thieves would have been a massive opportunity for the streamer, he has enjoyed a successful career in recent years.

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