“I’m working on a show": xQc hints at a grand plan and talks about his appearance on 100 Thieves podcast

xQc revealed that he is working on his own studio show. (Image via xQc)
xQc revealed that he is working on his own studio show. (Image via xQc)
Rishabh B.

During a recent live stream, Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel revealed that he is currently working on his own studio show.

xQc is one of the most popular content creators on Twitch and currently has 9.35 million followers and almost 70k subscribers. The streamer has now revealed that he is working on a studio show, and also made an appearance recently on the 100 Thieves podcast.

xQc is trying to find a studio for his show, will insist on hosting it

The 100 Thieves podcast episode featuring xQc has not yet been released. Various Reddit posts have suggested that the streamer is sure to feature in the next episode that is uploaded to YouTube. xQc also seemed reluctant to give away too many details about his studio show:

“I’m working on a show and it’s going to take some time to produce, but I’m working on it. I had to meet some people to do that.”

Hence, considering the demands of the project, the studio show is not expected to be released anytime soon. xQc also revealed that he will be pushing to host the show:

“Yeah, like a show. I need to get a studio. So I need to get a studio and space and whatnot. And I’ll push to be hosting it.”

The streamer did not reveal any details about the nature of the project, and simply claimed that he needed to get a studio in order to produce it.

xQc talks about his 100 Thieves podcast appearance

xQc also revealed that he had recently made an appearance on the 100 Thieves podcast show. He claimed that he was made to film multiple TikTok videos after the podcast appearance:

Can you believe that? I did an actual podcast. And after that, they had me film actual TikToks. I think I did like three TikToks. I don’t know why!”

As can be seen in the clip, xQc did not reveal a lot of details about the show or the podcast appearance. However, further updates on the matter are expected in the coming days.

xQc was recently revealed to be the highest earning GTA content creator on Twitch since August 2019 via the Twitch leak. He is allegedly the second highest earner on the platform during this period and earned more than $750k in September 2021 alone.

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