xQc reveals the one thing he didn’t like about the Twitch Sh*tcamp event 2021

xQc opens up about what he didn't like om Sh*tCamp 2021 (Image via xQc, Twitch)
xQc opens up about what he didn't like in Sh*tCamp 2021 (Image via xQc, Twitch)
Rishabh B.

During a recent live stream, Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel revealed one thing he did not like at the recently concluded Sh*tcamp 2021 event.

Sh*tcamp 2021 was announced by QTCinderella and was held from September 27, 2021. This particular event was the Fall installment of the Shit Parody series, following the Winter Sh*tSummit event that was held earlier this year.

Sh*tcamp 2021 featured a total of 32 popular content creators including various members of OfflineTV and the 100 Thieves content creation groups. xQc claimed that while he certainly did enjoy his time at the event, there was one aspect that he did not like.

xQc claims there was only beer in the fridges at Sh*tCamp 2021

While xQc was happy with his overall time at Sh*tCamp 2021, he also revealed that he had already planned various events for next year’s edition. A streamers-only version of a survival challenge on an island was one of the wild ideas that xQc was especially excited about, as the streamer also teased multiple collaborations that he has planned with fellow creators of Sh*tCamp 2021.

Regardless of these, xQc also had one major criticism about the event. The streamer suggested that he was not scared of being truthful and criticized something that he thought was an issue:

Everyone’s giving me compliments about the event. You know what? I’m going to through some f***ing shade. Everybody is being nice. I’m going to do the opposite. I’m going to be rude. Every day, the fridge had nothing but beer in it. Nothing. Every f**king thing. Top, middle, whatever. Only beer.”

Hence, while xQc had quite a bit of fun at Sh*tCamp 2021, he complained that the fridges had nothing but beer. To make matters worse, the streamer also said that he had ordered food for himself on five or six occasions, but everybody “poached it.” However, when the others ordered food, they refused to share.

xQc was obviously joking and said that his fellow streamers should have ordered food for their “homies” as well. He concluded by revealing that he wasn’t mad about it, and said that he enjoyed the event. While he revealed multiple plans for the next edition of Sh*tCamp, the creators involved have only talked about a Sh*tSummit event that is expected to be held sometime in the coming winter. xQc can be expected to feature in any subsequent Sh*t Parody events that take place in the future.

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