Naive, impulsive, and overly loyal": Amidst RFLCT scam, Disguised Toast labels Valkyrae as the 'victim'

Disguised Toast shares his thoughts about Valkyrae's RFLCT controversy (Image via Sportskeeda)
Disguised Toast shares his thoughts about Valkyrae's RFLCT controversy (Image via Sportskeeda)
Riddhima Pal

The RFLCT controversy has blown up further since Valkyrae addressed it in an October 23 stream. She made matters worse by claiming she was just as confused about hidden research due to copyright issues. Furthermore, she openly questioned her friends' loyalties and name-dropped those who were silent.


Naturally, being name-checked puts the streamers in the limelight. People started asking them for a response to Valkyrae's statement. Among the group, Disguised Toast was the latest to comment on the situation. He believes that Valkyrae was tricked into this position.

"She has never shown me to be malicious or calculating. She has shown me to be naive and impulsive, and too trusting. Overly loyal to people and orgs that don't necessarily deserve her loyalty."

Disguised Toast defends Valkyrae while still being critical

Disguised Toast recently resumed streaming on Twitch. During his latest, chat asked him for his thoughts regarding the RFLCT controversy. He said he would only address this topic once.


Disguised Toast started by saying that he had known Valkyrae for over a year and that he did not perceive her to be a person with malicious intent. On the contrary, she came across as naive and overly trusting, thereby susceptible to deceit. He also advised Valkyrae and her team to be extra careful when taking on new projects.

Toast made it clear that he did not support black and white treatment of the issue on Twitter. Valkyrae's trolls believe she is purposely scamming people, while fans think she was tricked into this venture. Toast clarified that her being deceived did not justify the outcome.

"While that may explain it, it does not excuse it."

He also spoke about the "scammer" label that haters have been associating with Valkyrae. Disguised Toast said that it was very important to look at an individual's past to understand the matter. Valkyrae did not have any history of malicious intentions. Therefore it is improbable that she would want to scam her base suddenly.

Much like Pokimane, Disguised Toast, too, believes the issue is complex and layered. He clarified that he doesn't see her as a scammer in this situation.

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