New job listing suggests next BioShock game might be open-world

(Image via USgamer)
(Image via USgamer)

A new job listing seems to suggest that the beloved game franchise, BioShock, might be taking the giant leap to an open-world structure, according to a report by PCGamer.

There are only a few game series' in history that have captured the imagination of video game audiences like BioShock. The series has arguably not had a single mediocre entry, with many holding the original BioShock as one of the greatest pieces of video game art.

Reports and rumors around the highly anticipated BioShock 4 have been emerging ever since 2K finally confirmed the game being in development. Seeing as it has been a little over five years since players have seen a BioShock game, the excitement around it is palpable.

New job listing suggests next BioShock game might be open-world

According to the job listing, Cloud Chamber, the new studio behind BioShock 4, is looking for a senior writer who can "weave impactful, character-driven stories in an open-world setting."

The "open-world" setting seems to have caught the attention of fans of the franchise. It will be quite an interesting direction for the series to take. Even though BioShock has maintained some level of non-linearity with wide levels and left room for exploration, much of the game has been fairly linear.

Instead of being a detriment, it has worked in the game's favor. It has tightened up the pacing and allows for the narrative to not lose any of its effect. An open-world structure isn't exactly detrimental to the narrative either, as games like Red Dead Redemption 2 have showcased.

Seeing how BioShock's identity is deeply rooted in the sort of linear level structure, fans will be excited to see how Cloud Chamber takes to the open-world.

Cloud Chamber is an all-new studio formed by 2K to work on BioShock 4 after Ken Levin (creative director of BioShock and BioShock Infinite) shut down Irrational Games after the release of Infinite.

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