1,045,826 Free Fire accounts banned for cheating in the last two weeks

The Free Fire ant-cheat report for the past fortnight was revealed
The Free Fire ant-cheat report for the past fortnight was revealed

Playing games like Free Fire is fast becoming a way for people worldwide to cope with stress in their daily lives. Mobile gaming gives users easy access, and anyone can download millions of free games and start playing.

Free Fire, launched in 2017, became an instant hit because of its unique nature and fast gameplay. It also helps in socializing with friends from the comfort of players' homes.

However, to gain an unfair advantage over others, some players use third-party hacks. This act not only ruins the game for those who play fairly but also destroys the competitive integrity of the game.

As a result, the developers are always coming up with new methods to deal with this issue.

To combat these cheaters and maintain fair play, Garena has been banning cheaters from the game. In the last two weeks, the developers have banned 1,045,826 accounts for using various cheats. According to Free Fire, 50% of the cheaters got banned due to reports by players.

In the last previous report, Garena suspended 1,335,831 accounts for cheating. This time, they have banned 21% fewer cheaters.

Free Fire also banned 27,420 accounts for intentionally teaming up with hackers. In the last report, the devs banned more than 80,290 players who intentionally teamed up with cheaters.

A break-up of the banned Free Fire accounts

Here is a detailed account of the percentage of hacking software used by players in the last two weeks:

  • 62% of the cheats were banned due to auto-aim usage. Auto-aim is used to shoot enemies automatically using third-party scripts.
  • 12% got barred due to teleportation usage. This is used to instantly move from one location to another without covering the actual physical distance.
  • 4% were suspended due to the use of an ability to move through covers and walls.
  • 5% were banned due to the usage of antenna hacks. These hacks are used to know the enemies' position.
  • The remaining 17% got banned due to unspecified reasons.

Free Fire developers have also adjusted anti-hack measures and optimized their detection methods for a better experience.

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