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4 Unknown members share their winning experience in Qualcomm Snapdragon Conquest Free Fire Open

Team 4 Unknown crowned as the Champions of Snapdragon ConQuest: Free Fire Open
Team 4 Unknown crowned as the Champions of Snapdragon ConQuest: Free Fire Open
Ajay Assudani
Modified 22 Mar 2021

Team 4 Unknown has won the Qualcomm Snapdragon Conquest Free Fire Open, which was organized by the leading chipmaker Qualcomm. It had a massive prize pool of 50 lakhs INR, which was the highest in any third party tournament ever. 4 Unknown took a share of 20 Lakhs INR as the winners.

The team consists of four like-minded players: DeadSoul, Anand, Swastik, and Wizardo. In this exclusive article, members of Team 4 Unknown share the experience of winning this prestigious tournament.

Here is an excerpt of their conversation with Sportskeeda's Ajay Assudani.

Team 4 Unknown open up about their experience in the tournament

4 Unknown DeadSoul (In-Game Leader) -

Q. How was your experience in this tournament?

A: It was a really great learning experience for me. I have had some wonderful times in this tournament. I learned how to handle pressure at the highest level.

We started our journey from the last FFIC fall, we won two big tournaments in a row, adding the Qualcomm makes it three in a row.


Q. Which team did do you consider the toughest?

A: When we were playing the league stages, the likes of Hex, Total Gaming, and others were performing well. I believe that all 12 teams that reached the grand finals could've won it.

Q If this was an offline LAN tournament, what could have gone different in your team?

A: We haven't played any LAN tournaments as of now. If this had been one, it would have provided us with additional experience of handling public pressure.

Q. Being a four-player team, do you guys require an additional player as a substitute? If yes, who would it be?

A: We currently don't require any additional players. According to me, Vasiyo from Galaxy Racers is one of the best players in the country. I like his skills a lot, and he has a lot of experience.

4 Unknown Anand (Sniper)

Q. How was your experience in this tournament?

A: We had a great experience as we had many matches to play. We learned from the country's leading teams, which helped improve our strategies.

We always wanted to win. We have won Titan Cups and the Battle Arena back to back, so we tried to win this one, too. We would now like to invest this huge chunk of money on the team.

Q. Have you thought of focusing on content creation as a backup?


A: We have been focusing solely on esports and have ignored the content creation part of now, but it is always on our mind for the future.

Q. Winning back-to-back tournaments, do you hope to get recruited by an esports organization?

A: In the past, we had been approached by several sponsors, but we didn't accept it. We would probably like to go under a respectable organization in the near future.

4 Unknown Swastik (Rusher)

Q. How was your experience in this tournament?

Ans: We've already experienced of a lot of major Free Fire official tournaments. This tournament also proved to be wonderful, leaving us with a lot of great memories and the huge prize money.

Q. Which team did you consider the toughest?

Ans: There were a lot of strong contenders like Galaxy Racers, Team Elite, Team Chaos, Sixth Sense, and others. They all had the strength to stand against us.

Q. Where do you plan to use the huge chunk of prize money for this tournament?

A: We have thought about this and will reveal it very soon.

4 Unknown Wizardo

Q. How was your experience in this tournament?

A: It was a wonderful experience as we got to play a lot of matches. The finals were for two days, so we had to give it our best shot. We built strategies for each day, ended up #1 on day one itself, and maintained a lead of 33-34 points. This turned out to be good for us.


We had Team Elite and Team Chaos behind our back. If we lost one game, other teams could have taken advantage, however, it didn't happen. We finished as champions of the tournament.

Q. What do you think of the Free Fire esports scene in India compared to other servers?

A: The Free Fire esports scene has been growing in India for the past six months. Indian teams are improving day by day but are yet to have a worldwide presence.

We personally feel that we compete well in India, but our competition is with the top-notch teams of countries like Brazil, where the Free Fire esports scene is already at a good pace.

Q. Have you thought about focusing on content creation as a backup?

A: We want to make our name in the world. Currently, our main focus is to get recognition at the world level. We will shift to content creation soon, but our primary focus is esports.

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Published 22 Mar 2021, 00:06 IST
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