"A lot of people f**ked Greek over": xQc suggests Greekgodx's loss of popularity was due to others

xQc opened up about GreekGodX in a recent Kick clip.
In a recent Kick stream, xQc opened up briefly about Greekgodx (Image via xQc/Twitch || Greekgodx/X.com)

A recent Kick stream with Felix “xQc” led to discussions on many topics, from his court case to streamer Dimitri “Greekgodx.” The British streamer lost a significant amount of popularity over the last few years, and, according to Felix, quite a few people are responsible for this. The Kick streamer claimed that if he were to go over the fine details of what happened with Dimitri, people would see his point, but he chose not to in this latest Kick stream.

When it comes to social media, many blame Greekgodx for his own self-destruction. In the eyes of social media, Dimitri chose to support content creators like Andrew Tate, and chose to say the controversial things that he did. xQc didn’t necessarily agree and discussed it briefly.

“A lot of people f**ked Greek over.”

xQc discusses Greekgodx’s downward spiral and loss of popularity

During xQc’s most recent Kick stream, alongside other topics such as his own court case against Adept, he opened up about Greekgodx. Dimitri is a content creator who fell out of public favor after he began giving sexist rants, suggesting women should focus on staying home and taking care of the family instead of having jobs and streaming.

Though many were initially very proud of the streamer for losing a significant amount of weight, he also began to espouse many of these feelings, as well as his support for people like Andrew Tate, around this same time.

The controversial Kick streamer opened up about Greekgodx, putting the blame on “a lot of people.” xQc said people would call him insane, but he’d be right:

“It might not be obvious, if I were to explain it, really, in detail or whatever, and really go at it, people would say I’m schizo, I’m crazy, I’m doing a witch hunt on other people, other streamers, right? If I were to really explain it to you, I’d sound insane, but in the end, I would be right.”

The other problem, according to xQc, is that Greekgodx wasn’t able to just ignore these kinds of situations and go live and stream either way. He wasn’t able to just keep going, and it hurt his momentum and popularity as a streamer:

“I swear I’m right. People really f**ked him over. And even though I’m see myself as someone who could recover from that, I can kinda just, f**k it, go stream or whatever, f**k it go live, oh, someone f**ked me over? Let’s just do the best we can today, you know, I can do that? At times, I don’t think he was able to do that.”

Reddit reacts to Greekgodx discussion by xQc

Comment byu/toosicktyler from discussion inLivestreamFail

While Felix might have been on Dimitri’s side, social media didn’t agree. Further to the point, netizens were confused, considering xQc was among the content creators who distanced themselves from Greekgodx.

Many felt that Dimitri was the cause of his own self-destruction (Image via Reddit)
Many felt that Dimitri was the cause of his own self-destruction (Image via Reddit)

There wasn’t very much sympathy for Dimitri in this thread, either. A few Redditors said that even though Greekgodx said and did some atrocious things, he could still be, as xQc put it, “f**ked over” by other streamers.

Many felt that the controversial streamer chose to become a recluse and discuss and approve of the sort of content that people like Andrew Tate deliver to the internet. As a result, the streamer caused their own self-destruction.

Comment byu/toosicktyler from discussion inLivestreamFail

One reaction on Reddit found it all quite interesting, that Felix is defending streamers that he previously distanced himself from. This included HasanAbi, Pokimane, and now Dimitri. The Redditor felt xQc was forcing himself to find good in people who don’t find good in him.

At least one netizen thinks there's still hope for Dimitri (Image via Reddit)
At least one netizen thinks there's still hope for Dimitri (Image via Reddit)

One Redditor tried to interpret what they felt Felix meant in the above clip, and that it wasn’t just Greekgodx that self-destructed himself, and that there’s a chance for the streamer to come out of the other side a better person.

Whether redemption is ultimately found for the British streamer remains to be seen. However, Felix stands firmly behind the opinion that many people led to the controversial streamer’s downfall, and that it wasn’t just Dimitri’s own actions that got him there.