Controversial streamer Greekgodx banned for fifth time on Twitch, online community speculates why

Greekgodx was banned for the 5th time.
Greekgodx has been banned yet again on Twitch for unknown reasons (Image via Greekgodx/Twitch & Twitch)

Dimitri “Greekgodx” is one of the more controversial streamers on Twitch. Once an incredibly popular name on the platform, the content creator has seen himself in several public feuds and received quite a few bans on Twitch. Dimitri was banned again on the Amazon-owned platform on May 26, 2023. While the reason behind it is not entirely clear, it is known that it’s not a permanent ban. This hasn’t stopped fans from speculating on the reason for the penalty.

Some felt it was because of things said about other streamers like xQc. A few suggested that it’s because Greekgodx was multi-streaming to Twitch’s newest competitor, Kick. Twitch doesn’t discuss ban reasons in public, so fans instead resort to speculating.

The internet speculates on why Greekgodx was banned for the fifth time on Twitch

Greekgodx was banned during a stream last night on Twitch, but it didn’t seem to phase the streamer much. While the controversial content creator hasn’t made a statement about why he was banned, he did make one post in response.

Instead of discussing the matter, he simply quote-tweeted the ban announcement and said he was live on Kick. Kick is a new livestreaming platform owned by This led to quite a discussion on social media as to the reason.

Some suggest it’s because he was multi-streaming to Kick at the same time. While many content creators have moved to Kick, Twitch has relaxed its stance on multi-streaming. Twitch allows content creators to multi-stream to certain platforms but not their direct competitors.

However, another response stated that it was likely something else, as people only lose monetization for multi-streaming.

A few people thought maybe it was because Greekgodx keeps restreaming other people like xQc instead of creating his own content. While it wasn’t clear, a few Redditors asked if this was the reason.

While some Redditors speculated why Greekgodx was banned for a fifth time, others were simply glad to see it happen. Some responses admitted they forgot he existed. Others mocked him for his conspiracy theories, opinions, and his “Andrew Tate” lifestyle.

The content creator has been banned four other times on Twitch, with many attributing these to his sexist rants or his stance on Covid-19. Others in the past have been due to "hateful conduct," but the streamer has not openly discussed this recent one.

The streamer could choose to discuss it on Kick. For now, he will have to wait for his ban to be revoked if his fans want to see him on Twitch. While it is not a permanent ban, the actual length of Twitch's recent punishment is not currently known.