"According to your model, she can say it" - xQc comments on people being "mad" at Pokimane for saying the "N-word"

xQc speaks on recent drama involving the
xQc speaks on recent drama involving the 'N-word' use (Image via Kick/xQc and Instagram/Pokimane)

Twitch and Kick streamer Felix "xQc" took to his stream today (May 16) to give his take on the ongoing 'N-word' drama involving fellow streamer Steven "Destiny." For context, Destiny made an X.com post where he explicitly used the 'N-word.' Reacting to this, Felix took to his stream and seemingly defended Destiny, stating that he feels the streamer didn't use it provocatively:

"Do you feel this slur (pointing at Destiny's post) is being used in a hateful way? Is this what your brain perceives? Is this a slur used in a hateful way against Black people?"

(Timestamp: 00:59:27)

This particular segment got clipped and shared to the popular r/LivestreamFail subreddit. When Felix saw his take being scrutinized, the streamer reasoned how even Imane "Pokimane" could say the 'N-word' since she's Moroccan. He said:

"According to your model, she can say it."

xQc speaks on recent N-word controversy, explains if Pokimane can say it or not

xQc recently shared a rather controversial opinion following Destiny's use of the N-word. While discussing the incident, one of his viewers noted that the term is typically used exclusively by African Americans.

In response, xQc highlighted that, according to the logic presented by the chat, Twitch streamer Pokimane, who is of Moroccan descent, should also be allowed to use the term. He said:

"People were mad at Pokimane or some sh*t like that (referring to Pokimane's controversial clip where she used the N-word). She's like Morrocan or some sh*t. Isn't Morroco in f**king (Africa)?...Bro, it's in Africa. So according to your model, she can say it."

He was targeting the chat, who had earlier stated that the 'N-word' should only be used by people who are from Africa:

"According to your model. I'm not saying my model. I'm just saying, the world agrees on what the model is. So I don't get it, you don't get it. But according to your cope, you have to have some ethnicity. 'You came from this place.' She's North African. So, she can say it."

Speaking of xQc and racial slurs, the streamer did express his disapproval of another streamer using the word "c*acker." The streamer in question was Morgan "Frogan" who used the 'C-word' to describe one of Ludwig's statements. While reacting, Felix stated that Frogan used the term in the "worst way" possible.

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