"I'm wasting my life away" - AI generates hilarious text about watching Quin69 streams

Quin69 gets roasted by an AI (Image via quin69/Twitch)
Quin69 gets roasted by an AI (Image via quin69/Twitch)

A clip from Quin69's stream has gone viral, but not for his Diablo Immortal shenanigans. He might be the #1 Diablo Immortal streamer but he streams a variety of games such as The Quarry, LoL and Path of Exile among others.

Recently infamous for trashing a legendary item in Blizzard's new Diablo game, the streamer has gone viral again for quite a different reason.

In his most recent stream, Quin was messing around with an online text-generating AI. The AI is capable of generating text on the basis of lines of input, and it is impressive how precisely it generates so many sentences, sometimes with hilarious effects.

AI roasts Quin69 on stream

The way the website works is that you feed it instructions on what you want it to create and it attempts to generate results as close to human-like as possible. As one can imagine, this requires a great piece of coding. With that being said, the AI is quite impressive.

Only seconds before the clip starts, Quin asks it to produce a text based on the 4chan inspired "greentext" format about watching his streams. The AI generates a piece in which it likes the streams, calling Quin "a funnier version of PewDiePie". To which the streamer comments:

"True! Now that one is accurate. That one is accurate as f*ck."

The New Zealander was in for a shock when he retried the AI. Because it has now generated a text along completely opposite lines:

"Be me. Be sitting in my chair. Watching Quin69 on Twitch. Suddenly realize that I'm wasting my life away."

Quin burst out laughing before he even finished reading the highly amusing piece. As the chat took digs at the streamer, he said:

"It is really f*cking based dude. This AI is f*cking based. Holy shit. Oh my god."

After getting another text praising him, Quin decided to change the instructions to "hate watching Quin69" which creates another highly comical text. The texts were so human that he couldn't believe they were AI generated:

"Wait. Is that getting real ones? Is that a real 4chan? That really looks like real f*cking Reddit post. What the actual f*ck. This is just creepy how accurate this is. You guys telling AI is like, 'Oh AI is a joke, yeah a hundred years from now bro, AIs...' Look at this, look at this sh*t. This is like half the people in chat. Oh my god."

Fans react to AI greentext about Quin

The fans were ecstatic about the AI generated greentexts, especially the ones which roast Quin. When it praised the streamer, the chat was flooded with comments like "Paid AI" and "Copium" and when it was critical of him, chat was like "Aware" and "Based".

Chat reacting to AI greentexts (Image via quin/Twitch)
Chat reacting to AI greentexts (Image via quin/Twitch)

Redditors also reacted to the clip of the AI roast. Some took digs at the streamer, calling the AI sentient and therefore correct:

Some thought the hate-watching greentext was pure gold:

The text generational skills of the AI are quite extraordinary. The greentexts made Quin69 himself question whether the AI was generating text or was it merely pulling real 4chan posts. Who knows, maybe other streamers will also try the AI now that it has gone viral.

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