Alpha 7, Vampire, IHC, DRS, and iNCO Gaming qualify for PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 Finals

Alpha 7 Esports earned first spot in PMGC Last Chance (image via Sportskeeda)
Alpha 7 Esports earned the first spot in PMGC Last Chance (Image via Sportskeeda)

The final part of the month-long League Stage of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 has come to an end, with the last day of the Last Chance Stage concluding on December 4. The five slots for the finals were decided today after the top five teams from the Last Chance Stage qualified for the Grand Finals of the mega event.

Qualified teams for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 Finals, which will be held from January 6 to 8 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The tussle between the 16 teams in the LCS was intense and kept viewers on the edge of their seats until the last game. After 12 back-and-forth matches, Brazilian team Alpha 7 Esports finished as the table toppers, cruising into the Grand Finals.

The team dominated the lobby, securing frags left and right. They finished with a whopping 163 points and 80 eliminations. Alpha 7 Esports will be a strong contender for the trophy in the PMGC Finals.

Qualified teams for PMGC 2022 Grand Finals from Last Chance Stage

  1. Alpha 7 Esports
  2. Vampire Esports
  3. IHC Esports
  4. DRS Gaming
  5. iNCO Gaming

Thai team Vampire Esports, who looked down and out at the end of Day 1, rose through the ranks after several stellar performances, securing the second spot. The team displayed their true potential yesterday, securing a staggering 96 points in six games at a mind-boggling point-per-game average of 16.

Overall, the team ended with 119 points and 57 eliminations, climbing from the 15th to the second spot in just six games.

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Mongolian team IHC Esports finished third on the overall leaderboard. The team maintained their position from Day 1 as they consistently secured top-place finishes. They ended their campaign with 119 points and 62 kills, cementing their spot in the Grand Finals.

DRS Gaming from Nepal, who led the points table on Day 1 looked shaky today. The squad dropped to the fourth spot at the end of the day and was even at risk of being eliminated from the tournament at one point. However, they made their way into the third spot in the final game of the day, qualifying with 111 points and 38 eliminations.

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Brazilian team iNCO Gaming was the final team to qualify for the PMGC Grand Finals from the Last Chance Stage. The squad pulled off a stupendous chicken dinner in the final game of the day to make their way to the fifth spot with 105 points and 52 eliminations. Becker was particularly impressive as he saved iNCO Gaming in crucial situations throughout the day, even pulling off full squad wipes all on his own.

These five teams will now join the nine qualified teams from the Group Stage and the two invited teams in the Grand Finals of the 2022 PMGC. The Grand Finals between the 16 squads will be played in Jakarta, Indonesia on January 6-8, 2023. The performances of these teams will be something to look forward to in the final showdown of the 2022 season of PUBG Mobile esports.

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