Are there shiny Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap?

Image via Nintendo
Image via Nintendo
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New Pokemon Snap promises to have some pretty cool features, but will Shiny Pokemon be among them?

Hunting for shiny Pokemon has been a popular activity within the community for some time. Finding these elusive Pokemon can typically require lots of work and potentially a lot of time to find. Given the fact that New Pokemon Snap will be played on a rail through several areas, it might be another (easier maybe) way to find these Pokemon, as opposed to the main series games. Here is all the information released on Shinies in the new game.

Are there shiny Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap?

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

As of now, there is unfortunately no official confirmation of shiny Pokemon existing in the new game. All the information, it seems, is limited to what has been revealed in the Gameplay Trailer, released in a recent Pokemon Direct. The trailer, though, may offer clues as to whether or not shiny Pokemon will be in the game.

The trailer does make it very clear that the Lentil region is full of secrets for players to uncover. One of these secrets will be a new feature called Illumina Orbs, that players can throw at Pokemon to make them glow.

This will likely increase the score of any pictures taken of the glowing Pokemon. Will that be taking the place of shiny Pokemon, though? Of course, glowing Pokemon can offer quite a nice aesthetic, but it may not be a great substitute for shiny Pokemon, who have their entire color palette changed.

The original Pokemon Snap, released during Generation I, didn’t feature any shinies since they were only included in Generation II onward. A big part of that game, though, is finding new forms that don’t appear in the main series game.

Porygon, for instance, can be found using Camouflage to blend into a rock. This Porygon has rocky skin as opposed to its normal pink coloring. The game also had one area in every level that had natural objects create a formation that resembles a Pokemon. An example of this would be a mountain in the likeness of Dugtrio.

Nobody knows if these formations will return in New Pokemon Snap, but it’s likely that some of the things featured in the new game could be similar to this. It appears Hal Laboratories is emphasizing that secrets can be found in this game.

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