Asmongold reaches a million subscribers on his channel and fans celebrate

Asmongold reaches a million subscribers on his YouTube channel (Images via Asmongold/Twitter)
Asmongold reaches a million subscribers on his YouTube channel (Images via Asmongold/Twitter)

Twitch streamer Zack "Asmongold" recently achieved a massive milestone of getting a million subscribers on his main YouTube channel. The streamer maintains the channel himself and is joined by one of his well-known editors, CatDany.

The editors had previously made multiple YouTube channels where they uploaded epic stream moments capturing the famous MMORPG streamer. The streamer hopped on Twitter and congratulated his editors, and thanked his fans for making this milestone achievable for him.

Hit a huge milestone today, 1 million subscribers on YouTube!Thank you everyone who's been watching and also to my godlike editors @CatDanyRU and @DAsmongold for making this whole thing possible!

Fans react to Asmongold reaching 1 million subscribers on his channel AsmongoldTV

Ever since the streamer went full time on Twitch, the content creator has gained immense popularity for streaming the specific genre - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or MMORPG.

He has been playing the game World of Warcraft ever since its release back in 2004 and has become one of the biggest names in the gaming sphere. His elitist attitude towards in-game progression has also helped him create a unique persona around his channel.

There were multiple channels on YouTube that were creating content revolving around the streamer and his shenanigans on stream. Back in 2019, Asmon took the initiative to create a big channel that covered all aspects of his stream.

After three years, the channel finally reached its pinnacle when it gathered a staggering million subscribers. Fans and audiences were delighted to see this incredible achievement and congratulated the streamer for the feat.

Many well-known content creators like Ludwig, Bnans, Xaryu, and CouRage reacted to the tweet.

@Asmongold @CatDanyRU @DAsmongold Congrats Asmon that’s insane
@Asmongold @CatDanyRU @DAsmongold Congratulations!!!! Well deserved, incredible content.
@Asmongold @CatDanyRU @DAsmongold POG DUDE, been watching your videos since they was on catdany

Many fans mentioned how deserving the content creator has been.

@Asmongold @CatDanyRU @DAsmongold Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeetss Gooooooooooooooo King, you deserve it, good content
@Asmongold @CatDanyRU @DAsmongold Congrats Asmon that’s insane
@Asmongold @CatDanyRU @DAsmongold I hope you make ff videos again. I just finished up to shadowbringers damn what a ride!
@Asmongold @CatDanyRU @DAsmongold Been watching since the high school days. Thanks for all the good times
@Asmongold @CatDanyRU @DAsmongold Yo congrats my guy super happy for you! I hope it made your day when you first saw it! I cant wait to hit my milestones though I'm not sure I'll ever hit that one lmao you deserve it my guy! 😍
@Asmongold @CatDanyRU @DAsmongold Ive just finished watching your WOTLK true story video and it’s one of the best I’ve seen. I mostly watch you through YouTube cause I don’t have time to make your streams. You’re hilarious and so down to earth man. You earned this! Congratulations DOOD!
@Asmongold @CatDanyRU @DAsmongold Bro you been blowing on YouTube and I watch your videos every once in awhile. Good content and funny reactions to chat and video games.

After taking a long hiatus, the streamer made a comeback on February 8, 2022, where he played the Korean MMORPG Lost Ark. He broke his own record of having the highest concurrent active viewers when he attracted around 300k viewers during his first stream in months.

The American streamer's popularity skyrocketed after he co-founded the gaming and streaming organization One True King (OTK), along with Mizkif, EsfandTV, Rich Campbell, and Tips Out.

The YouTube channel sits at a total of 592 million views, and it continues to grow as videos keep getting uploaded daily.

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