"I wanna be like Asmongold when I grow up: Shroud reveals the reason why he envies the most popular MMORPG streamer

Shroud talks about Asmongold on his stream (Images via Shroud and Asmongold/Twitter)
Shroud talks about Asmongold on his stream (Images via Shroud and Asmongold/Twitter)

Michael “Shroud” continues to play the recently-launched Lost Ark, which is a Korean Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG). Back when the game was released in January 2022, Shroud raised his concerns about the game by saying that it was one of the most boring games.

But since then, he has changed his stance on the game and recently mentioned that Lost Ark is one of the most complete games. During a recent stream of his, a viewer in the streamer’s Twitch chat mentioned how similar he is to another fellow Twitch streamer, Asmongold.

After going on a hilarious rant about Asmongold, the former professional CSGO player said:

“I wanna be like Asmongold when I grow up. I really do.”

Shroud talks about Asmongold as he played Lost Ark

The streamer has been busy playing the Korean MMORPG ever since it was released. He has clocked in for around a hundred-plus hours on Twitch alone, streaming the intense and enjoyable game to his viewers.

The topic related to Asmongold popped up when the steamer was asking for gold from his friends and viewers. Gold is an in-game currency that is used for all transactions present in the game.

Some viewers of his suggested ways through which he could farm gold. To skip past the boring methods of auto-pilot gold farming, he went on to ask his viewers for some gold. He even got his in-game pet Leo as he pointed towards it and said that the pet was starving because the streamer was lacking gold.

As the conversation continued, a viewer in his chat compared his in-game antics to that of Asmongold, who is known for asking his viewers and party members to give him all the good loot and currency for his own gain. He went on to comment on the viewer’s opinion by saying:

“I f***ing wish man. I envy Asmongold. He says one thing, okay. One thing. He asks for anything, he gets that, times a million dude.”

Shroud continued to speak about Asmongold and spoke about how he wanted to be like the latter. The former CS: GO professional also talked about his next goal:

“My goal is to transition from an FPS streamer to an MMO streamer and get everything for free. That’s my goal. I don't wanna work in-game or out of game. Okay? That’s my retirement plan. Do you hear me?”

Immediately after this long rant of his, he noticed that he had successfully sold a ring item on the Auction House and received 90 gold for it. He then continued to stream for three more hours and called it a day after that.

Fans react to Shroud comparing himself with Asmongold

Fans and audiences on the streamer’s Twitch chat laughed at the way he went on a rant against Asmongold's antics for getting in-game items. They mentioned that if the streamer stopped upgrading his gear on a regular basis, he would accumulate a good sum of gold. Some even suggested him to grind like how other people grind for gold.

Viewer's reacting to the streamers take (Images via Shroud/Twitch)
Viewer's reacting to the streamers take (Images via Shroud/Twitch)

Shroud is a 27 year-old Canadian streamer and is a former Counter Strike Global Offensive professional player who played for Cloud9. He is known as one of the best FPS streamers on the platform who manages to reach the highest ranked ladder for various FPS games.

He has previously played games on the likes of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, Valorant and Call of Duty: Warzone. In the past year or two, he has transitioned from FPS games to MMORPG games ever since the release of World of Warcraft: Classic.

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