Batman/Fortnite Zero Point: Deathstroke Glider and Outfit revealed in Issue #4

Deathsroke Glider and Skin Revealed {Image via Sportskeeda}
Deathsroke Glider and Skin Revealed {Image via Sportskeeda}
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The Batman/Fortnite comic book series has recently captivated both fans of Fortnite and DC, as Issue #4 of the crossover series has been revealed to have several surprises in store.

Batman/Fortnite Zero Point: Deathstoke Glider and Outfit revealed in Issue #4

The Batman/Fortnite comics were recently confirmed to be introducing Deathstroke into the storyline of the comic books via a leaked rendering of the issue's Japan cover. Speculation immediately followed the leak, suggesting that Deathstroke might even be seen on the battlefield in-game.

As each issue of the Batman/Fortnite comics is released, with two to be released in June of this year, special in-game items are also available for Fortnite players to redeem via a special code within their comic books.

The first issue in the series, dated for April 20th of this year, will provide gamers with a code to download the Rebirth Harley Quinn Outfit.

Enter caption {Image via Epic Games}
Enter caption {Image via Epic Games}

With Issue #4 to be released on June 1st, the recently revealed description of the comic has loopers excited for the in-game items that are coming soon. Confirmed via DC's website, the fourth installment of the series will include Deathstroke-themed in-game items.

{Image via}
{Image via}

As Deathstroke is confirmed to be heavily involved in the comics as they are released, Fortnite leak accounts on Twitter are highlighting that a Deathstroke Glider and Skin will be available to Fortnite players via code redemption.

With the excitement surrounding the Batman/Fortnite comic run, the morale of the Fortnite community will hopefully be enhanced, and it will also heighten the attention Fortnite is getting. The popular battle royale game has been on the decline, as many members of the community feel as though the game is not what it used to be.

With the current Primal Season's villain still unknown and The Foundation trapped at the top of the main Spire, Fortnite loopers are looking anywhere and everywhere for the next secret that will move the storyline along. Perhaps this limited release run of a collaborative comic series will shine some light on where this Season is heading.

Until then, Fortnite players and DC fans alike may want to begin checking in with their local comic book and gaming stores to see who might be stocking this series. With the first issue set to release in the next few days, the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Comics will surely be tricky to get a hold of.

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