Battlegrounds Mobile India is exactly similar to PUBG Mobile on smartphones

Battlegrounds Mobile India similar to PUBG Mobile (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India)
Battlegrounds Mobile India similar to PUBG Mobile (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India)

Krafton Inc. has launched early access to Battlegrounds Mobile India for some popular PUBG Mobile influencers.

Ever since the game was announced on May 6th, players have been eager to know about the specific launch date of the BR title. Several leaks suggested that the game would be launched on June 18th.

Early access confirms that gamers can expect Battlegrounds Mobile India to be officially launched on June 18th.

Gamers have been wondering what the differences would be between Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile. This article will reveal the variances that were spotted during the early access of the game.

Difference between Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile global version

Popular gaming streamers and PUBG Mobile influencers, Dynamo and Rawknee reported that Krafton Inc. has rolled out early access for them and some random gamers in the Indian gaming community.

The first look reveals that there is practically no difference between the two. Gamers can transfer their data from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Transfer of data will retain player titles and tiers.

Players will also be able to retain the UCs claimed in the PUBG Mobile global version. Battlegrounds Mobile India kicked off from Season 19, and gamers will be able to see the Godzilla vs Kong theme.

The lobby of Battlegrounds Mobile India is exactly similar to PUBG Mobile's global version. The item shop through which gamers can purchase in-game items has been kept the same as well.

Link to Dynamo's Battlegrounds Mobile India stream

One of the most significant queries that gamers raised was whether Battlegrounds Mobile India would feature some different maps compared to PUBG Mobile or not. Dynamo's stream has revealed that Krafton Inc. has abstained from rolling out any different kind of map for gamers. Battlegrounds Mobile India will feature the same old maps from PUBG Mobile.

The difference that gamers will notice is regarding the servers. Previously, gamers used to play on the Asian server of PUBG Mobile. However, Battlegrounds Mobile India will only be available on Indian servers. As a result, players can expect a very low ping, which means an enhanced and smooth gameplay, devoid of lag.

In terms of gameplay, players will experience no difference at all. Krafton Inc. has kept everything the same. Gamers won't have to adjust themselves to new settings.

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