How to unlock Jeanne in Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 features 3 playable characters (Image via PlatinumGames)
Bayonetta 3 features 3 playable characters (Image via PlatinumGames)

Released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on October 28, 2022, Bayonetta 3 is the third installment in the action-adventure series starring the spectacular Umbral Witch. It was created by developer Platinum Games, of Nier Automata fame, among other titles.

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Bayonetta returns to stop the mysterious man-made weapons named Homunculi and an entity known as the Singularity that threatens to destroy the multiverse. Wielding her signature gun boots and dual pistols, Bayonetta charges forward using the time-slowing ability Witch Time.

The Homunculi appear (Image via Nintendo)
The Homunculi appear (Image via Nintendo)

In addition to Bayonetta, familiar and new faces join the cast. The game features three playable characters - the all-familiar Bayonetta, the new face in the series, Viola with her pet cat-demon Cheshire and finally Jeanne, who returns once again from the previous two entries of the franchise.

Minor spoilers for the Bayonetta series may follow. Reader discretion is advised.

How to obtain Jeanne in Bayonetta 3


The long-time rival and occasional best friend of Bayonetta, Jeanne returns once again to the series to ride her way to victory. To unlock her as a playable character in the main campaign, simply beat the game on any difficulty.

A prompt will appear in-game once the credits roll out, informing you that Jeanne has been added to the character selection menu.

Who is Jeanne in Bayonetta 3?


Jeanne is a former heiress to the Umbral Witches and childhood friend of Bayonetta. She was directly responsible for sealing Bayonetta away 500 years prior to the events of the first game, and came to reconcile with her later on.

Jeanne sacrificed herself to save Bayonetta in the second game, Bayonetta 2. After having her soul dragged into the Inferno as a consequence, she is later saved by her best friend. The two took part in the final act of the game, after which they resumed their previously interrupted shopping trip.

Her role in Bayonetta 3 is still a mystery, and will be revealed to the player as the game progresses forward.

She is playable in the 2D side scroller action-based mini-quests and has undergone a huge makeover, replacing her leather jumpsuit with a more retro-themed look with a jacket that still manages to look stylish.

2D Metroidvania action (Image via PlatinumGames)
2D Metroidvania action (Image via PlatinumGames)

This mini-game mode involves stealth missions and hiding, with some fun combat thrown into the mix. Her fighting style is largely unchanged from previous games. It is very metroid-esque in its look, feel and presentation.

A tumultuous reception

Bayonetta 3 was released this week amid much controversy regarding voice actor Helena Taylor. It features a return to form, with mostly positive reviews across the board.

However, the game can be deemed overly ambitious for its designated platform, with regular dips below the 60 fps mark. The framerate is unstable, while the image quality is incredibly low. The game truly pushes the Nintendo Switch to its limits, while also highlighting its shortcomings.

Nevertheless, it is the best game in the series to date and features gorgeous visuals and engaging fights.

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