#boycottgenshin trends online as community highlights persisting issues with Genshin Impact

#boycottgenshin continues to trend on social media after fans highlighted a bunch of issues (Image via Sportskeeda)
#boycottgenshin continues to trend on social media after fans highlighted a bunch of issues (Image via Sportskeeda)

Genshin Impact players are enraged by blatant social issues like racism, pedophilia, and others in the game, resulting in #boycottgenshin making the rounds on social media.

From in-game dialogues that talk about a character's skin color to mocking indigenous people with Hilichurl references, there is a lot of Genshin Impact content that many feel needs to be changed.

Considering the global outburst against racism, some of the content in-game can be horrifying for certain players.

Additionally, as pointed out by @rainelovr on Twitter, all these issues have caused the community to come forward with the #boycottgenshin trend on social media. These issues include:

  • Mockery of indigenous people
  • Incompetent security systems
  • Hints of pedophilia from in-game NPC
  • Racist remarks in character introductions

There are a few other issues as well that the community is not fond of. However, the problems mentioned above could be the biggest reasons that drive the community away from Genshin Impact.

#boycottgenshin trends on social media after players discover blatant social issues in Genshin Impact

Although multiple players in the community think that the entire situation is being blown out of proportion, many are highly enraged at the state of affairs.

Be it the mockery of indigenous people or even the blatant racist remarks present in-game, these factors can lead to horrible, game-ruining experiences for players.

The community might have a lot to say, considering that multiple allegations and proofs have surfaced for the same. However, it is miHoYo's responsibility to make the necessary changes and present Genshin Impact players with an all-inclusive in-game environment.

Here are some of the statements that the community had to make about the in-game issues of Genshin Impact on social media:

Despite the community's mixed reactions, the final decision to fix the alleged issues remains with the developer. Whether miHoYo addresses these issues in Genshin Impact to create an all-inclusive environment for players or ignores the allegations is something that only time can tell.

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