BTR Ryzen returns to PUBG Mobile competitive after a one-year hiatus

Ryzen comes back to PUBG Mobile competitive (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ryzen comes back to PUBG Mobile competitive (Image via Sportskeeda)

With the 2023 season of PUBG Mobile Esports about to begin, teams from all around the world are looking to finalize their rosters and build a strong lineup for the competitive season. A star player for popular Indonesian squad Bigetron Esports (aka BTR), Ryzen has made a comeback to competitive PUBG Mobile after a year-long hiatus. He has been absent from PUBG Mobile Esports since February 21, 2022. During his absence, Bigetron's performance was mediocre.

The 12-day transfer window for players in the Indonesian circuit started on January 13, 2023, and ended on January 25. Teams from the region released and signed multiple players trying to find the best combination.

Ryzen's comeback announcement was made by Bigetron Esports through their social media page:

"Ryzen is back from hiatus and now ready to fight on the battlefield."

He has been instrumental in the success of Bigetron Esports since their foray into PUBG Mobile. Having shown his class, skill, and prowess both locally and internationally, he is recognized as one of the greats in the PUBG Mobile competitive scene.

Ryzen is known for being one of the best PUBG Mobile athletes

The 20-years old veteran has secured the MVP title multiple times across various competitions. His performance at the PMGC 2020 was exceptional, and he played a vital role in Bigetron RA's performance during the League Stage. Over the course of the event, he was given the MVP award in Week 2 and Week 3. He also bagged the Grenade Master and Combat Medic awards in the mega battle.

The 3rd card has officially been revealed!🙌🏻Ryzen is back from hiatus and now ready to fight on the battlefield! So who are the next two people?👀

His synergy with the other members Luxxy, Zuxxy, and Microboy was great too, as they were able to claim multiple trophies over the past four years. The squad earned major accolades at the PMCO: Fall Split Global Finals 2019, where they dominated teams from all around the world and made a mark on the global scene. Their consistently strong performances over the years have earned them fans globally, and Ryzen's popularity continues to grow.

THANK YOU AND GOOD BYE, OUR LEGENDS🥹❤️It's been 5 years together with you guys, a lot of memory that we have made together wont fade. Thankyou for everything you guys have done for Bigetron Esports. Now it's time to say goodbye. You guys will be missed ❤️❤️

After the departure of Luxxy and Zuxxy from Bigetron Esports, Ryzen, UHigh, and Liquid will be tasked with leading the team.

The organization also announced a new name for their PUBG Mobile lineup, i.e Bigetron Red Villains (BTR RV), which now includes the following players:

1) Ryzen

2) UHigh

3) LiquiD

4) Satarval

5) Svafvelvl

uHigh, who played for GeekFam during his loan period in the latter part of 2022, is back in the squad. BTR has also signed two new players, Satarval and Svafvelvl.

It remains to be seen how the newly formed Bigetron Red Villians perform on the battlefield. Fans from all around the world would be looking forward to a strong season from the squad.

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