Bugged HVK-30 in COD Mobile kills in 2 shots and does 92 damage

Image via Call of Duty Mobile
Image via Call of Duty Mobile

COD Mobile recently released a small update that launched the new Undead Siege mode in the game. Zombies have returned to COD Mobile and players are trying their best to grind out Aether Crystal camos for multiple weapons. However, the mode seems to be more difficult than most would have anticipated.

With the new update also came a new legendary weapon and a game breaking bug. As for the legendary weapon, it is the AGR .556 - Ripper, and players can purchase it from the brand new lucky draw in the game.

The new bug, however, is in the HVK-30 assault rifle. HVK-30 is a standard weapon and is not a weapon of choice in the current meta. However, after the update, a bug gives the weapon a two-shot kill ability, which is completely broken by COD Mobile standards. Only the ASM-10 and DR-H have three shot kill capabilities with low fire-rates which make them viable weapons but not broken like the HVK-30, which is currently melting opponents with an insane time-to-kill that is less than 100 milliseconds.


COD Mobile devs will probably fix this bug soon but players can expect ranked matches to be filled with HVK-30 abusers. This will only lead to other players rocking the same bugged weapon to win gunfights.

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Attachment bug on HVK-30 gives out 92 damage in COD Mobile

The bug in HVK-30 happens if a Large Caliber Ammo attachment is used. Normal damage of the weapon less than 25 meters stays the default, but beyond 25 meters the damage bumps to 59 to the body and 92 on headshots.

Bugged Large Caliber Ammo attachment in HVK-30 (Call of Duty Mobile)
Bugged Large Caliber Ammo attachment in HVK-30 (Call of Duty Mobile)

The damage buff stays for up to 50 meters, after which the weapon does absolutely no damage. Hitting every shot would result in zero damage done to the enemy if the range exceeds beyond 50 meters. However, in mid-range, the weapon is totally broken, capable of killing in two shots, rendering any meta weapon in COD Mobile obsolete.


Players can expect the patch for this bug to come through at any time, but in the meantime it might only be HVK-30 meta in ranked mutiplayer modes in COD Mobile.

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