Call of Duty Vanguard: Weapon tier list

Weapon tier list in Call of Duty Vanguard (Image by Activision)
Weapon tier list in Call of Duty Vanguard (Image by Activision)
Sourav Banik

Call of Duty Vanguard is back with the theme of WWII and brings an arsenal of old-age weapons along with it. These weapons are categorized under different tiers and each tier features weapons that inflict different damage numbers.

In this article, everything regarding weapon tiers will be discussed, and the best weapons for different multiplayer modes will also be suggested.

Weapon tier list in Call of Duty Vanguard

All the weapons in Call of Duty Vanguard are categorized under the following tiers - S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, C Tier, and D Tier. Similar to the previous titles, there are a ton of weapons to choose from and each of these have different stats and playstyles.

Players also need to grind a lot to reach the max level of every weapon in order to have an advantage over the rest of the players in the lobby. Thanks to the ongoing Double XP weekend, players will be earning double the experience points to help them level up faster.

All the weapon tiers in Call of Duty Vanguard are listed below:

S Tier

  • STG-44
  • MP40
  • Kar98K
  • MG42
  • Volkssturmgewehr

A Tier

  • PPSH-41
  • BAR
  • Sten
  • Type 11
  • Machine Pistol
  • DP27
  • M1928
  • Automation

B Tier

  • Itra Burst
  • Bren
  • AS44
  • Owen Gun
  • Combat Shotgun
  • Type 99
  • 3-Line Rifle
  • M1 Garand

C Tier

  • Gracey Auto
  • M1911
  • Ratt
  • G-43
  • NZ-41
  • SVT
  • Double Barrel

D Tier

  • Einhorn Revolving
  • Top Break

The S Tier category features top-of-the-line weapons in Call of Duty Vanguard. These weapons deal the heaviest damage of all and are the most preferred in the game. The following tiers after the Supreme Tier feature the lesser powerful weapons.

When equipped with proper loadouts and perks, players literally become unstoppable as they dominate over other gamers in the matches. Now that the enhanced Shipment map has also arrived, players have already begun to grind on the map and in the Double XP event.

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Call of Duty Vanguard is the latest iteration of the long-running military first-person shooter franchise. The game includes both single-player and multiplayer modes and each of these has been received differently by the community.

Edited by Sandeep Banerjee
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