Clash Royale provides an extra card evolution slot in the Royal Tournament

Clash Royale
Clash Royale provides two slots for evolved cards in the Royale Tournament (Image via Supercell)

Clash Royale has thrown an exciting twist into the mix by changing the number of card evolution slots in a deck in the Royale Tournament. Previously, players were constrained to a solitary slot for evolved cards in their deck, restricting their utilization. However, the most recent update has removed this limitation by granting players an extra slot in the deck specifically designated for evolved cards.

In this article, we discuss the nuances of this change and how it is going to impact the overall gameplay.

Changes in deck formation in the Royal Tournament in Clash Royale

Card evolution slot details

In the Royale Tournament, participants have the opportunity to select two out of the ten available evolved cards for their deck. This change in deck formation changes the intricacies of battle, allowing players to craft a deck that mirrors their preferred playstyle and tactical approach.

Each of these evolved cards brings unique attributes and abilities to the battlefield that gamers can use to achieve victory in Clash Royale.

Evolved card options

  1. Evolved Archers: The improved damage and attack speed of Evolved Archers make them a formidable force against both air and ground units in Clash Royale.
  2. Evolved Bats: Increased swarm damage and faster attack speed make them a versatile option for dealing with various troop types. Their agility allows for rapid responses to emerging threats, making the Evolved Bats a crucial asset for players on the battlefield.
  3. Evolved Royal Recruits: Enhanced hitpoints and damage output make these shielded warriors even more effective at forming a robust defensive line.
  4. Evolved Knight: Greater health and damage potential turn this already sturdy troop into a powerful frontline defender.
  5. Evolved Skeletons: Increased speed and damage output make these agile units a more potent threat in both offense and defense.
  6. Evolved Firecracker: Extended range and splash damage improvements make the Evolved Firecracker a deadly area-of-effect attacker.
  7. Evolved Ice Spirit: The faster freeze effect and increased hitpoints of Evolved Ice Spirit provide players with enhanced control and defensive capabilities.
  8. Evolved Mortar: Improved damage and attack speed turn the Mortar into a more formidable siege weapon.
  9. Evolved Royal Giant: Boosted hitpoints and damage output make the Royal Giant an even more imposing force on the battlefield.
  10. Evolved Barbarian: Increased damage and attack speed transform the Barbarian into a more aggressive and threatening melee unit.

The introduction of the extra card evolution slot in the Royale Tournament not only adds an exciting layer of strategy to Clash Royale but also opens up a world of possibilities for players to experiment and discover new and potent combinations. As the arena evolves, so too must the strategies of Clash Royale enthusiasts, making each battle in the Royale Tournament an exhilarating and unpredictable experience.

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