Clip showing TrainwrecksTV giving money to Twitch staff goes viral on Twitter, adding fuel to gambling debate

Clip showing TrainwrecksTV giving money to Twitch staff causes furor (Image via Sportskeeda)
Clip showing TrainwrecksTV giving money to Twitch staff causes furore (Image via Sportskeeda)
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TrainwrecksTV and xQc's feud with certain streamers who took stances against gambling on Twitch has taken on a new dimension. Today, a clip showing Train giving large amounts of money to Twitch staff went viral on Twitter.

Ostonox is an editor for HasanAbi, one of the most prominent critics of gambling on the Amazon-owned platform. The clip shared by him shows TrainwrecksTV giving away cryptocurrency worth at least $30,000 to a couple of Twitch employees.

While there is nothing overtly illegal about accepting money from streamers, critics of the platform feel they cannot trust it to impose regulations.

It does strike me as weird that @Twitch staff are in Trainwreckstv's chat and accepting $50,000 in crypto from him.It must be hard to see clearly when deciding whether to regulate the person that just paid near your entire salary in one bitcoin transaction. #TwitchStopGambling

Notably, Ostonox has been making edited videos about the current drama surrounding xQc and Train, who have defended the act of playing slots and other gambling games on stream in the aftermath of the ItsSliker controversy.

"Absolutely disgusting": Former Twitch employee says the act of employees accepting money from TrainwrecksTV is completely unethical

Until January 2022, djWHEAT was one of the longest-standing employees of Twitch. As a member of the founding team, it is safe to say that he has some insight into the industry.

Pepegafish and Rellim were the two employees who could be seen in the video accepting large amounts of money from the streamer. djWheat tore into the practice, calling it a clear violation of the Amazon Business Conduct & Ethics Policy. Importantly, he didn't blame TrainwrecksTV who was allegedly seen giving out approximately $80K to the two staffers.

Speaking as a former Twitch staff, not only is this absolutely disgusting, but it is 100% in violation of Amazon Business Conduct & Ethics Policy. Not Train's fault (it's not his job to police the ethics of Twitch), but absolutely the employee's for asking/accepting payment.…

Using the hashtag Twitchstopgambling in every tweet, Ostonox posted a thread on Twitter. In one of them, the creator also draws attention to both Train and xQc leaving the United States to go to Canada because of its lax gambling laws.

I would expect @Twitch to have some policy on their staff members accepting money from partnered streamers, especially ones that had to leave the country because the 'game' they play would be illegal in the US where Twitch is based. #TwitchStopGambling

He also brings up the Mizkif controversy which occurred after yesterday's interaction between him and TrainwrecksTV on Twitter. The spat ended with Train accusing the OTK founder of allegedly covering a se*ual assault case to protect his friend CrazySlick.

Calling both TrainwrecksTV and xQc addicts, Ostonox also opined that the duo were using the se*ual assault allegation as a "weapon" to divert attention from the ongoing backlash they are facing due to their gambling streams.

Train and xQc have an addiction.They've resorted to using a SA victim as blackmail, whose story deserves to be heard and deserves the respect not to be referred to as "a weapon", her trauma deployed at the convenience of someone else to deflect from their own actions.

The upsurge of people wanting Twitch to take action against gambling on stream came after Mizkif beckoned them to ban it altogether while reacting to the ItsSliker drama. Big streamers such as HasanAbi and Pokimane have also joined in on the movement, with both tweeting in support of a blanket ban on gambling content.

TrainwrecksTV and xQc are second and third on the list of top gambling streamers on Twitch, according to Sullygnome. The two have immense viewerbases and in the last 30 days, have accrued over seven million hours of Slots watchtime between them.

Most watch gambling streamers in the last 30 days (Image via SullyGnome)
Most watch gambling streamers in the last 30 days (Image via SullyGnome)

Social media reacting to the clip

Despite the clip being old, the post immediately caught on in the streaming community, accruing over tens of thousands of likes within an hour of posting. While the big streamers are still divided on the issue, the comments and reactions also vary with many defending TrainwrecksTV while others refuse to condone gambling.

@ostonox @Twitch twitch won’t do anything until it hurts their wallets, and this really proves it
@ostonox @Twitch Damn @Twitch they got the receipts!!! Better prepare for some legal trouble my dudes
@ostonox @Twitch Wording it like he’s “bribing” a staff member who has some large influence in the company, who can enact change on the platform and isn’t just some low level twitch employee, pepegafish is an Og train chatter who has been watching him for years.
@ostonox @Twitch Twitch won't do anything unless it helps increase their profit margins. Look at Blizzard. They had one of the largest scandals in a gaming industry and nothing changed. I think if there's going to be any change there has to be some collectivism amongst the top streamers
@ostonox @Twitch Ostonox, Trainsbane, First of His Name
@ostonox @Twitch Gotta be full on breach of employment contract by the staff for a million reasons. Disgusting stuff by the staff

Ostonox is known for making spoof videos about the streamer world. Notably, he created a viral video that sarcastically took a dig at Twitch and its relationship with gambling back in June. In light of recent events, that has also gained a lot of traction on social media.


The Amazon-owned streaming service is yet to give any statement on the issue.

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