COD Mobile to add a new Legendary Alias operator and L-CAR 9 auto pistol

The L-CAR 9 Pistol from Black Ops 3 is coming to COD Mobile, and players can expect it to be released in the upcoming seasons (Image via Activision)
The L-CAR 9 Pistol from Black Ops 3 is coming to COD Mobile, and players can expect it to be released in the upcoming seasons (Image via Activision)

COD Mobile has added a ton of new content to the Garena test server, and leakers have dived straight in to get a good peek at the upcoming content. There are new weapons, characters, UI changes, and more for players to explore. Battle Royale is also getting some changes to make the gaming experience better.

One of the major additions to the test server was the new weapons. As players would expect, there are multiple new weapons in the game files, and three of them are playable at the moment on the test server for both Global and Garena.

Info about the new guns spotted in the Test Server1. KSP 45 is a burst-fire submachine gun featured in Black Ops Cold War.2. L-CAR 9 is a fully-automatic pistol featured in Black Ops III.3. Oden is a VLK bullpup assault rifle featured in Modern Warfare 2019.

The L-CAR 9 pistol from Black Ops has been found to be one of the additions. Players can expect this pistol to be added after Season 5.

L-CAR 9 Pistol might be released with legendary Alias Operator skin in COD Mobile

The test servers for global and Garena have revealed that L-CAR 9 pistol is coming to the game soon and will be a secondary weapon in both multiplayer and Battle Royale. For those unaware, L-CAR 9 is a fully automatic pistol from Black Ops 3. It has a high rate of fire and a lot of vertical recoil. Many in the community draw its similarity with the UZI.

L-car 9 is a machine pistol+it has medium fire hate and it gives massive damage at close range also it has akimbo btw🙂#CoDMobile@PlayCODMobile

Due to the high fire rate, it kills quickly. Players who like the Renetti will also find the L-CAR 9 a viable option to finish their kills when bullets run out on the primary weapon. In Black Ops 3, the L-CAR 9 has a maximum magazine capacity of 28 bullets in a round with an extended magazine.


Owing to its high fire rate, the pistol has often proved to be quite broken. With multiple headshots, it can simply melt enemies within seconds. Here's hoping the developers will not bring forth another bout of broken secondary weapons that was last seen with the launch of the Shorty.

Alias Next Female Legendary Character

Since the L-CAR9 is a secondary weapon, it will most likely be released with a legendary operator skin. Based on the latest leaks, Alias will be the second female legendary operator to be released in the upcoming seasons. Players can expect COD Mobile to bring a legendary blueprint for the L-CAR 9 and the leaked Alias legendary operator skin.

COD Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs still has over three weeks left before any of the new content drops in the game.

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