COD Mobile launches Legendary Phantom and Legendary Kali Sticks

Participate in the new lucky draw in COD Mobile to unlock the Legendary Phantom - Osiris and more (Image via Activision)
Participate in the new lucky draw in COD Mobile to unlock the Legendary Phantom - Osiris and more (Image via Activision)

COD Mobile has again delivered on the cosmetics front with a new Legendary character that many might consider the best in-game. The Phantom operator now has a Legendary variant, and players can acquire it from the lucky draw added to the game earlier today.

Along with the new Legendary character skin, users will also be able to obtain the new Legendary version of the latest melee weapon, Kali Sticks. It was added this season from the Modern Warfare series.

They can unlock Kali Sticks for free by simply completing a few challenges.

Gamers can only get the Legendary character and the Kali Sticks if they purchase the lucky draw with COD Points. They should note that COD Points can only be purchased with real money.

A considerable amount of money is required to complete every lucky draw unless players get fortunate in the early pulls.

All items in Crown of Kings Draw in COD Mobile Season 4

In keeping with the entire desert theme for the current season, COD Mobile has delivered with the Crown of Kings draw. It has a Pharaoh-themed operator skin in the shape of the Phantom - Osiris. All the ten items are part of the set that will mix perfectly with the new Legendary operator skin.

Two Epic weapon blueprints are also available in the draw, and all users who purchase the entire draw can acquire unique blueprints for them.

They should also note that Legendary characters might appear to be built larger than other skins, but they also have the same hitboxes as the other skins. Therefore, there is no hitbox disadvantage for players, but they can always easily spot these skins as they are mostly very colorful and bright.


Below are all the items in the Crown of Kings draw in COD Mobile Season 4:

  • Wingsuit - Winged Lapis
  • Combat Axe - Winged Lapis
  • Emote - Be The Sandstorm
  • Charm - Otherworldly Ruler
  • Calling Card - Visitation
  • Ak117 - Winged Lapis
  • Tank - Winged Lapis
  • Thumper - Winged Lapis
  • Kali Sticks - Sand Scepters
  • Phantom - Osiris

The draw is expected to remain until the end of the season. Gamers can purchase it at any time to acquire the items.

The odds are the least for the Kali Sticks and Phantom - Osiris skins. However, they increase for all remaining items in the draw after each pull.

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