COD Mobile launches legendary Firebreak with D13-Sector legendary blueprint

Play the Crueltide Draw in COD Mobile Season 11 (Image via Activision)
Play the Crueltide Draw in COD Mobile Season 11 (Image via Activision)

COD Mobile Season 11 has launched a new legendary character in the mix called Firebreak-Basilisk. Firebreak is one of the most innovative operator skins in COD Mobile and one of the first to have extensive customizable options. Finally, the Firebreak skin has a legendary variant for players to acquire and add to their collection.

Along with the legendary character, players will also be able to pull the legendary blueprint for the D13-Sector, the new secondary weapon in the game. D13-Sector was released along with the launch of the new season and it can be unlocked for free from the Seasonal challenges. It has, however, failed to create an impact as a competitive secondary weapon.

All items in the Crueltide Draw for COD Mobile players to unlock in Season 11

The Crueltide Draw can be accessed from the main menu of the game and players have to purchase enough COD Points if they wish to complete the entire draw. The cost of the draw depends upon the region and it is different for all regions in the global server. In the US, COD Mobile players will require 14,000 CP to complete the entire lucky draw.


Players can, however, get lucky and pull the character skin early. The chances of that happening are quite low, as the odds are less than 1% for the Firebreak- Basilisk skin.

Furthermore, once players pull the Basilisk operator skin they also get a legendary variant of the Purifier operator skill. This is similar to the legendary Sparrow skin that was available with the legendary Outrider character skin that was released in the game in Season 10.


Below are all the items players can pull from the Crueltide Draw in COD Mobile:

  • Carge Truck- Brimstone
  • Molotov cocktail- Brimstone
  • Axe- Brimstone
  • Wingsuit- Brimstone
  • M13- Brimstone
  • Emote- Ring of Fire
  • Avatar- Basilisk
  • Calling Card- Archfiend
  • D13- Sector- Steam Shredder
  • Firebreak- Baslisk

The Crueltide Draw will be available in the game until the end of Season 11 of COD Mobile.

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Edited by Mason J. Schneider
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