COD Mobile Season 5 Daily Login Reward leaked: Bathysphere outfit, how to claim & everything we know so far

Image via Call of Duty
Image via Call of Duty

COD Mobile Season 5 is right around the corner and players are excited about the upcoming content drop in the game. With the new Battle Pass, new characters and events, there is a lot to look forward to. Further, three new maps are being added to the COD Mobile multiplayer roster. All three maps are from the Modern Warfare series.

COD Mobile Season 5 will also refresh the season login rewards list. Every season, players get one daily login reward that they can unlock just by logging into the game. COD Mobile gives away free XP cards, rare skins for weapons and items in Battle Royale and one epic character. Usually, the epic character is the highlight of the season for most free-to-play players.

How to unlock the free day 24 epic character login reward

The epic character can be unlocked by logging in for 24 days during a season. Usually seasons are 40 days long and therefore players have a window to unlock the rewards even if they do not login every day of the season. Further, there are comeback rewards that players earn only if they are not a regular player of the game. Regular players have nothing to worry about as those rewards are usually nothing they haven't already unlocked.

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Day 24 Login reward for COD Mobile Season 5 leaked

A banner has leaked which shows a shadow figure for the free day 24 login reward for next season. According to the leak, it seems like Bathysphere is going to be the free character for next season.

Bathysphere is coming next season as a free reward/ Screenshot via YouTube @ MBJ Graphics
Bathysphere is coming next season as a free reward/ Screenshot via YouTube @ MBJ Graphics

Bathysphere was previously available only through crates and was therefore a paid character. Players who already have the Bathysphere skin might be disappointed with this addition.

Here is a look at the default Bathysphere skin. There is no intel if COD Mobile will release the same version for free or a add a twist to it.

Bathysphere in COD Mobile/ Image via Reddit
Bathysphere in COD Mobile/ Image via Reddit

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