COD Mobile Season 5: Release date, new guns, events, and more

New COD Mobile Season is launching on June 29, 2021 (UTC) (Image via Activision)
New COD Mobile Season is launching on June 29, 2021 (UTC) (Image via Activision)

There are less than 48 hours left until the launch of COD Mobile Season 5: In Deep Water. The developers have been pretty busy revealing the new stuff arriving in the water-themed season of COD Mobile. There will be new guns, new maps, new events, new modes, and much other stuff that Activision will introduce throughout Season 5.

Developers will also introduce some weapon balance changes in the new season after getting feedback from the fans. Aside from the weapon balance changes, gamers can also see some bug fixes in the upcoming season.

This article dives into everything to know about all the new stuff in COD Mobile Season 5 that developers have officially announced.

COD Mobile Season 5: In Deep Water

Release Date

The global version of COD Mobile Season 5 is launching on June 28, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. (PDT). Players can download from any of the application stores.

New Battle Pass

New Battle Pass (Image via Activision)
New Battle Pass (Image via Activision)

Along with the launch of the new Season of COD Mobile, a new Battle Pass will become available in the BP section of the game. Players can check the new Battle Pass additions and themes here.

New additions

New Guns: CR-56 AMAX and Shorty Shotgun

CR-56 AMAX (Image via Activision)
CR-56 AMAX (Image via Activision)

A new AR class addition, CR-56 AMAX, will be introduced in COD Mobile Season as a Battle Pass reward placed at tier 21. The new Assault Rifle class weapon will have the following stats:

  • Damage: 40
  • Accuracy: 50
  • Range: 51
  • Fire Rate: 71
  • Mobility: 76
  • Control: 51

The new gun can prove to be a decent mid-range option, especially for the Multiplayer mode.

Apart from the primary weapon addition, Developers will also introduce a secondary weapon in COD Mobile Season 5 in Shorty Shotgun, a short barrel variant of 725.

New Maps

There will be three new map additions in the Multiplayer mode of COD Mobile. All three Season 5 maps are an adaptation of the famous COD: Modern Warfare Maps of the same name

Aniyah Incursion:

Suldal Harbor:


New MP modes

New additions to the MP mode (Image via Activision)
New additions to the MP mode (Image via Activision)

Ground Mission - The extension of Domination mode will feature five capture points over a designated MP map. Each 10v10 Ground Mission game will be divided into two rounds.

Cranked: Confirmed - The new multiplayer mode will amalgamate two famous COD Mobile modes, Kill Confirmed and Cranked, where gamers will have to eliminate opponents while collecting dog tags to evade deadly timer.

Other additions

Gun-Ho is the latest green perk addition (Image via Activision)
Gun-Ho is the latest green perk addition (Image via Activision)

New green perk - Gung-Ho will be a new perk addition in the Multiplayer mode's Loadout, which players will be able to unlock through the Season 5 challenge. Activision will announce the green perk challenge later.

New Operator Kill: COD Mobile MP mode will also introduce a new Operator Skill, a K9 unit, as a free Battle Pass Tier 14 reward. A K9 unit will play an equivalent MP mode role to that of the current Clown BR Class.

New BR Class: Rewind will be the latest Battle Royale mode addition that developers plan to introduce later in Season 5 of COD Mobile through an in-game event.

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New events

There are tons of new events coming in Season 5 (Image via Activision)
There are tons of new events coming in Season 5 (Image via Activision)

Themed event: Sea of Steel

The new themed event of the upcoming season will be similar to the Season 3 themed event 'Warrior's Path,' where players will be given a choice to choose between Ghosts and the Federation.

Players will be able to claim points for each 'Sea of Steel' daily mission, and a certain number of points will grant specific rewards. Apart from the missions, gamers can also expect a dedicated leaderboard for the event.

Other events

There has been no formal announcement about the upcoming events, but players can expect the following events to roll out throughout COD Mobile Season 5:

  • Event for the new green perk, Gung-Ho, as the significant reward.
  • An in-game event that will include a new BR Class Rewind AKA Time Traveler.
  • New featured events exclusively for new MP maps.
  • Exclusive featured events for new MP modes.

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