"Completely useless": League of Legends players displeased with the latest objective voting system in pre-season 2023

The brand new Objective voting section has made fans extremely happy (Image via Riot Games)
The brand new Objective voting section has made fans extremely happy (Image via Riot Games)

League of Legends developers introduced a new feature called objective voting, along with many changes that they added with pre-season 2023. However, the voting system received massive backlash from players a day after its release.

This objective voting system allows players to create a vote that pops up on the side of the screen. The goal is to get the team on the same page and fight dragons and barons. Unfortunately, junglers have been spamming it consistently while other positions find little use. Worse, there is no way to disable or move the feature off-screen.

first impressions of the patch can play more champs in jg fun and all BUT PLEASE REMOVE OBJECTIVE VOTING ITS COMPLETELY USELESS AND SO ANNOYING

This has generated massive frustration among players as the voting option takes up a chunk of the screen space. Several players have voiced concerns about this feature impeding seamless gameplay.

League of Legends players want objective voting gone

In a game like this, players must access the full screen. This is because some action is taking place in every corner. Accurately navigating the screen can result in a win or loss. Naturally, when this was hindered, the community was deeply displeased.

@RiotPhroxzon pls remove objective voting
this objective voting thing has got to go

Serious players are further disappointed by the spamming. The only way to get rid of the pop-up was to vote in the polls. As pop-ups keep coming up, players report being distracted by the constant barrage of questions.

Please make objective voting turn on and offable, it's rly annoying to see on my screen after pinging it to remind people it exists ffs
can someone tell me how these pings are useful in anyway?? Everyone has played this game for so long that its easy to communicate with the 4 basic ones... Why do I need to ping "All In" when I can just spam the OMW ping?And dont get me started on this objective voting...

The League of Legends community is asking for a total removal of the voting system or an option for it to be turned off/made voluntary. This way, at least those who do not want to be part of the voting system will not have to deal with it.

Getting the team on board with a unified goal can lead to positive outcomes. But the fight against dragons and barons doesn't happen until the late game. Early game, junglers primarily try to pick up those objectives. This conflict of interest is what makes the voting system broken.

the objective voting thing is so silly
champ select anonimity and objective voting has to be 2 of the most worthless features riot has ever implemented

Junglers usually pick up early dragons and rift heralds solo. This makes the objective voting system redundant unless the fight is for the soul or the elder dragon. Besides those specific circumstances, League of Legends players know the importance of objectives in the game. Adding a dedicated voting system is pointless.

@vengefulcake Idk why riot is so against adding it to the game, instead we got objective voting which fills half of my screen lol

Objective voting serves no purpose besides being an interactive toy for players to enjoy for a few minutes. But it becomes a hindrance when griefers ruin the moment. It is tough to say when League of Legends developers will remove the feature, but swift change might follow soon if backlash continues.

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